Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We’ve Decided To Build A House! #FredNMimiSayIDo

We’re planning a wedding, and now we’re planning on building a house. So how the heck did this happen, especially when we’re planning one of the most stressful things a person or couple can do.

Here’s how this all went down.

Almost two years ago, Fred realized it was time to buy a house. Unfortunately, he went out of the county to find a house. That would’ve been all fine and dandy had we gotten married either that same summer or the one after. Since that didn’t happen, my boys have gotten settled into their schools. I don’t want to have to move my oldest to a brand new school the last two years of his school. That just wouldn’t be fair to him.

You have to understand, my boys grew up for almost 14 yrs in the same town, and with all of the same kids. Buddy had gone to 3 different schools in the last two years (including the one back in Annandale). There was no way I could move him again. I would’ve married Fred and lived in this dumpy house for the next two years if I’d had to.

We could’ve moved into his house in the other county, but to have Buddy stay at the same school, that would’ve cost $8,000/yr! Then  if we moved back into this current county in a couple of years, that means Doodle will have to move to another school, then back into these schools, and build those friendships again. UGH! I can’t do that to him, so that would mean another $8,000/yr for him! Sixteen grand a year until we get back into this county? Just crazy.


Fred and started talking about options. We could rent his home, but recently, the rentals in his development have all ended up with police cars in front of them. Delightful, eh?

We could buy a house that’s already built, but most of the homes in this area are several hundred thousand dollars out of our price range. Our hope was to find at least a 5 bedroom, or a 4 bedroom with maybe a bonus room we could use as a 5th bedroom. Man alive that was hard to weed through.

I stopped looking for 5 bedrooms and on a whim decided to look at 4 bedroom homes figuring maybe one of the 4 bedrooms would be big enough for the youngest boys to share while still having enough space so they weren’t on top of each other.

Enter, a small development being built just a few miles from the house I’m renting right now! They have several houses designs to choose from, and we headed to an open house a couple of weekends ago. We walked through a couple of the styles the week before with our realtor so we had an idea of what they looked like. What we didn’t know was which plot of land we wanted.


Turned out they had the one lot of land that wasn’t at a premium price and was the biggest one available still! That was definitely the one I wanted, but we looked at a couple others as well. We also walked through the biggest home that was only framed in. I’m not someone who can imagine something that isn’t there. The way it was set up, we knew that was the design we wanted! It’s a 5 bedroom!

That means the kids will all get their own rooms, and Fred and I will have a bathroom connected to our bedroom. On top of that, we’ll have the most amazing walk in closet! I’m super excited about that. We’ll also have an extended porch and fireplace! Two things I’ve never had before in my own home!

IMG_20150407_183428575 (1)

We found out very quickly that we wouldn’t be able to change the outside design of the house. I had hoped to push out the entryway about 5’ because the stairs are pretty much right there the second you walk into the house and it doesn’t have an entryway closet. My dream had also been to have a sitting room where I could have a reading nook. Maybe one day in the future.

We’ve been able to change things inside the house. Fred’s going to get a Jacuzzi tub, we’re putting the fireplace along a side wall instead of in the corner, and extra windows in the living room. I’m a lover of windows! I kept looking for ways to add more windows. lol


There were things I found out we can’t change. I wanted to go nuts personalizing the heck out of the house, but the builder has asked us…well, me…to take it down a notch. I was already going on contractor sites finding their leftovers to see if I could use them in our house. Craigslist has complete, custom kitchens that people are getting rid of while remodeling their homes! I wanted to go gang busters, but I guess not this time.

We’ll have to live with the standard, new construction white paint on the walls and native Maryland plants in the front yard. We’ll have to live with it until we’re given the seal of approval to move in and then c-ya! I’m planting my own plants, painting the walls, and hopefully having a heyday. Of course we’ll have no money left after moving in, but I can dream for now. =)

Have you ever built a house from the ground up?


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