Monday, June 1, 2015

A House Built On The Rock #FredNMimiBuildAHome

I was so excited to go out to the property, and the people in the small cul de sac adjacent to our were out in their yard. I wanted to get some ideas from them about how the building process went for them. Instead of just exchanging a few words, they gave me a full blown tour of their home! As I share about their home I'm going to show the progress of our future home! So exciting!

For the record, my house will NEVER be in the condition for someone to come by the house without notice and find it immaculate.

We were given five home designs to choose from. We chose the biggest one and of the remaining lots for sale, the largest one, which is just under 1/4 acre. Man that’s so small. lol It’s also a five bedroom. So I was excited to see the modifications this couple had made.

Turns out, there was a LOT! They had the same 3 levels that we will, but instead of having 5 bedrooms, they went with 2! TWO! Must be nice. The couple showed me around. I was excited to see that they picked out their own lights in the entire house, faucet fixtures, ceiling fans, and pretty much anything else they wanted! That’s EXACTLY what I was hoping to do.

The first floor was pretty much exactly how we’re going to have ours except we’re not going to have an island. I figure if we ever want one (just for more storage and countertop space) we can get one built. I just wanted as much open space as possible.

Their second floor was totally customized. Instead of having 4 bedrooms on the second floor they took the room next to the master and combined it to make it one large master! The third bedroom next to the master was left alone. The fourth bedroom wasn’t created and left open as a seating area. They changed the laundry spot from a closet into a room. It took over more of their master closet, which I wasn’t thrilled with. To top the 2nd floor off, their master bath was completely customized. The husband did much of the work himself!

We headed to the top floor, and they were using it as storage. It was roughed in, but that was it. Ours will be completely finished and used as the 5th bedroom.

They also did a lot of work outside; work we won’t be getting around to for quite some time. They added a 3 season deck, but that’s not something I’d ever care for. If we did anything, I’d love a deck. We won’t be able to have a large deck because the backyard will be quite small and I for sure want a veggie garden. Well, I want a garden if I can get enough back dirt in, but if not, if the clay rears it’s ugly head, then a deck it will be!

What's your favorite part of looking at new houses?


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