Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Awakening by Tracy Higley

by Tracy Higley
Publisher: Stonewater Press
Pages: 366
Published: 2014
  • ISBN-13: 978-0990600503

I was so happy to find some time to read today. I'd started this book a few weeks ago, and then hadn't had much time to fit in getting back to it. I had downloaded it to my son's tablet, and I'm not much for reading on a tablet. It was rather funny when I first started reading the book because at one point, I wet my finger to turn the page. Imagine my surprise when I hit the glass of the tablet.

I've read several of Tracy's books, and have loved all of them. She has got such an amazing way of pulling us into the past. You'd swear she was one of these characters she writes about. Tracy paints a picture with her words that I could never even in my wildest imaginations create. I love that my mind's eye creates wonderful images with the words on Tracy's pages.

Awakening starts off in the hustle and bustle of NYC. When I first started reading, I felt a little lost. It's so interesting because of the character we're introduced to immediately, Kallista. She's a woman without a past, at least one she doesn't remember. Her boss is Judith, a woman who is a calculated woman, but seems to care for Kallie in her own way. Judith introduces Kallie to Dimitri who has a common passion for the ancient Minoans.

What I love is that in true Higley fashion, we are thrust into the world of Kalliste in the Greek islands. Chloe is a princess who just wants to live her life peacefully, and enjoying her studies. Unfortunately life doesn't always go as we expect, and there's an adventure lying before her that she'll have to dig deep to see if she's up for the challenge.

I love the back and forth between the modern time and ancient times. The only thing that drove me crazy was when I was involved in one story, I didn't want to switch to the other one. hahahaha There were several times I was tempted to only read the chapters that dealt with the ancient times, and then go back and read the modern day ones. This is the best self restraint I've shown reading a book that sucks me in! I'm glad I did because I was able to enjoy the book  as a whole.

Of course, there's romantic tension in the storyline, and it's one that builds as you read. I enjoy novels where the author builds the romance to a crescendo. I felt like hugging the tablet when I got to the first kiss. It was at a great part in the book, and sakes alive the tension continued even after the kiss lol

Now, the only issue I had with the story was how much gods and goddesses were discussed in comparison to Christianity. Now, there's the Horn of Truth that Chloe is searching for, but it's not until the end of the book that we really understand what she's looking for. I don't know, I wish God would've been more part of the story, and even at the end, not to subtly alluded to. I feel like a non-Christian might not necessarily be pointed to the Truth, but think the Oracle or a god/goddess gave the answer.

Bottom line, readers will enjoy the story from beginning to end. You'll fall in love with Kallie, and enjoy the journey you travel with her!


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