Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pictures On Gold Photo Charm Expandable Bracelet Review

You may have noticed I've shared a bit about our trip to Peru in October. What an amazing week that was. When we were down there, just like last time, I bought a sweatshirt as a memento. Unfortunately, that sweatshirt, along with the other sweatshirt, shrank.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to review an Photo Charm Expandable Bracelet! Now, with my beautiful bracelet, I can keep our team with me whenever I wear it. The photo I sent had me a little worried. It was kind of a large photo, and it had 11 of us in it! This is what the photo looked like to begin with:

When I sent them the information, I asked of there was any way they'd be able to get everyone together in the locket. That was the whole point of me sending this photo. Well, thankfully, that's what they do! They have a "Special Instructions" section so "You'll be able to add "special instructions" about your photographs to your order later. For ex: Bring people closer together. Remove Background. Remove red eye, etc." For $10 they'll even merge two photos so you can have people in different photos on one charm!

I have really started to love bracelets, and I love how simple this one is. It will go with anything I wear, and it will make a fabulous conversation piece. Yes, I could've gone with the traditional picture of my kids, or I could've done one of me and the hubster, but as I was scanning through my photos, this one just grabbed my heart.

Now, the first photo is a super close up, so the faces are kind of blurry, but it should give you a great idea of how awesome the charm is.

As you can see, the image isn't in the exact replica of the original. There's no way it was going to be, and I knew that. But you can see they bunched everyone together like we're set up in the top photo. When I saw this, I actually had to go back and forth to realize what the differences were.

I was just thrilled to know they could get all 11 of us in! C'mon, it's the size of penny! It makes my heart (and wrist) happy to know I'm carrying our team around with us. =)

If you're looking at personalizing a gift this year, this sweet bracelet would be a great way to go. Use code famguide10 to save 10%!

Who would you personalize your charm for?


Samantha said...

That's very pretty, it looks great!

Remus said...

wow... they did a good job with the picture. I love it! I would like to have one with my daughter's picture on it

Maryann D. said...

How wonderful it would be to have a bracelet. I really like this one. I would love to have one with a photo of my parents on it.
twinkle at optonline dot net

SavingsInSeconds said...

I really like the bracelet in lieu of a necklace. That's much more my style!

SavingsInSeconds said...

I really like that this is a bracelet instead of a necklace. That's much more my style! And the fact that they accommodated your photo request is a bonus.

Unknown said...

this is such a great product and I would love to own something from them.

Unknown said...

I would personalize my charm for my daughter with a photo of my late husband and her on the day she was born,my late husband passed away 16 1/2 days after she was born.

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