Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kids Camping Packing List

I'm so excited for the beginning of July. Since my oldest daughter had her first camping trip to Camp Shamineau back when she was in 3rd grade, each of my kids has gone to camp there every summer. This year will be no different! We're heading back to Minnesota in a week.

July has had tradition for my kids, especially my boys for the past 16 yrs. They start off up at Aitkin with their extended family. They spend a week there. After that, my youngest son heads to camp. Just like he did last year.

That being said, we're getting ready to head back on a road trip starting on Friday. My 17 yr old will be doing his first road trip with me as a driver. Pray for me. Pray for us. HA! He threatened to bring duct tape for my mouth and hands. Oh dear, it could be a long drive.

So, if you have a child heading to camp this summer, what should you consider bringing? Often times their website will give you a list, which is super helpful!

Now, this definitely isn't an exhaustive list by any means. Some other suggestions for your kids to take:

Nose Plugs (for swimming)

Also, another piece to not forget is to label everything your child takes with them. I write their names on all of the tags on every piece of clothing with a permanent marker. You could totally get creative and make your own iron ons or get labels with their name already printed on them. I also write their names on pretty much everything else above.

I send my kids to camp every year with a journal. I try to use the same journal so they can go back year after year. There's something on every page for each day. I have 3-4 questions I ask them so can have those memories years down the road. I ask them questions like, "What did you have for food today?" "What was your favorite game?""Did you go swimming?" "What are your counselors names?" "What's the name of your cabin?" "Did you have a campfire?" "Have you learned any new songs?"

Have your kids ever been to camp before?


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