Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Dogs & Cats Of Peru

Ok, so these are the pictures Fred took of me with the dogs we came across in Peru. At one of the homes we were delivering chairs to, as soon as we got out of the van, we heard a pack of puppies starting to bark. Maressa turned to me and automatically said, "No Mimi, no puppies!" Hahahaha

We definitely visited the cat park again, but they were doing construction, and we didn't get to see many cats like we're used to.

Then we met Antuane's kitten, but I don't think it had a name yet.

Of course, going to Danny & Stephanie's home means we get to see Dazzle any time there's food!

Then there are the random dogs we met along the way. The black one was probably a year old and hyper as all get out. We were bringing a wheelchair to Geraldo, and as we walked down the corridor to his home, the next dog laying down next to me came running & barking towards the entry where the black puppy was. Basically saying, "You don't belong here so get lost!" Yes, I can interpret Peruvian dog.

Randomly driving along in the bus one day we saw this Rottweiler sitting at the entry of his owner's business with this long styrofoam ready to chew on. All I could think of was the fact that Peru would probably fit that Rotty to the death for that styrofoam. hahahaha Kidding, she just loves to play with that kind of stuff.

And last at the children's home they have 3 dogs. For the life of me right now I can't think of the two bigger dogs' names, but I can think of the one we didn't get pics of...Scott. lol This one was so beautiful.

Somehow I was always finding the animals. I wasn't trying, but there they were! I'll be trying to blog about our experience fully in Peru throughout the next week.

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Maryann D. said...

Such wonderful photos and sweet animals!
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