Tuesday, April 25, 2017

POP Pilates, Barre, and Cardio Hip Hop

Well, I haven't lost a single pound and I found out that I can't fit into my shorts from years past, including the new ones I bought last year. THIS my friends is NOT good news. I'm still keeping on keeping on. I think there are two pieces that have to be worked on to actually see significant change.

First is my eating habits. I eat terrible! I've never eaten great, so that's not helpful. I've done the right thing by adding fitness to my life, but that's not making any changes. I guess at this point I'm maintaining where I'm at, which isn't where I want to be. In my head I want to make changes to my diet, I just haven't translated that into real life.

That being said, I also know I need to do more than Zumba. It's an amazing cardio workout, and I love it every single time I go! I'm guessing Amanda thinks I'm a total groupie. lol I've told her several times how much I appreciate her enthusiasm and energy!

I've tried several other classes now! A few weeks ago I went to the pilates class. I've actually gone a couple times. One of the things I like about it, is it comes right before Zumba! Hello bonus. I need to get a yoga mat and some good socks for that class. The mats they have there are nice and thick, but not necessarily made for tall people. When I do certain moves, my feet hang off and slide with my socks. I could get yoga socks and that would definitely help.

It's really a good workout. I didn't expect to sweat so much because I thought it was more core work, but there's some cardio involved, too. Let's just call it a warm up for Zumba. It totally works muscles I didn't even know I had. I actually really like it and the instructor is really lovely.

On Fridays there aren't many classes except earlier in the day. Totally a bummers since I work. It's the same on Sunday, but I guess that's a good thing or I'd probably be there on Sunday, too. HA! About a month ago, they started a barre class on Friday evenings. The first time I went, a gal I'd seen at Zumba was there. We shared a barre and chit chatted as we were dying together! I watched a couple of videos before going to this class, but holy mama, I was shaking like I tree by the time we were done. My legs aren't fans of that kind of workout. Of course that means I need to go back. I haven't been back, but I did like it! The instructor there was pretty great as well.

I went back to my regular Zumba classes, and the gal I'd worked out with at the barre class convinced me to try cardio hip hop. She said it was fun like Zumba. So off I went. It was definitely fun! There were a lot of moves I couldn't do, and she tried to get us as a class to try them, but they weren't very easy. lol She actually had to nix one of the songs because we were all over the place. hahahaha The instructor was very upbeat and was so smooth with her dancing. I'll never be her, but I will do her class when they fit my schedule.

Not sure if I've mentioned Zumba enough in this post so I figured I'd mention it once more before I finish this post. lol I'm really digging my classes and trying out new ones. There are a couple during the day I'm interested in, and I supposed if I want to try them I'll have to do them while we're a bit slow at work. I also need to muster up the gumption to get dressed and leave the house at 8am. Ish it's not ideal for me. Why can't aqua aerobics be later in the day? lol I'll aways stick with my Zumba. ;)

Do you prefer cardio or core workouts?


Petula said...

I prefer no workout! Lol. I try to keep moving in regular, everyday life like walking the dog or around a track. Everything else I do at home: squats, stretching, yoga. I also have bunches of doctor prescribed exercises that I need to work on doing daily. My main thing is keeping track of calories; I already eat healthy the majority of the time.

Keep up the good work. I think you should see changes in your body very soon.

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