Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Waking Up The Garden

The weather has been really nice off and on for the past few weeks. It wasn't until this past weekend that I decided it was time to wake up my flower gardens. I've been spending time outside getting things ready to uncover the dirt. Yes, I said dirt. I'm not a mulching kind of gal.

That being said, I had no idea when I went outside just to get rid of some clovers that I'd end up uncovering the gardens from their winter blanket (I use leaves) and transplanting other plants. The clovers are terrible this year. I think that Fred must've seeded with clover seed not grass seed. Once I got rid of the clovers one the side of the porch, I found out that my hostas were coming back. I hope they do better this year that last year. They pretty pitiful last year. Not at all like the big ones I had back home. I'm hoping the soil is starting to improve. The worms I've been finding are a great indication that it is!

What I need to do one of these days is map out my plants. I always start off with the best of intentions to remember what I've planted and where. Unfortunately, I've got so many these days I can't keep track in my head. Not only that, I move them around or plant new ones at various times throughout the year, I can't keep track of them any more.

I was bummed to uncover the small garden next to the garage to see that only one of my Monarda (bee balm) has come back. Hopefully I'll be able to split it and they'll do better through next year. I think the Liatris (gayfeather) will be pretty big this year. I'll probably have to move them around to the back of the garden if they get too big.

The one plant I can't wait to add to my perennials is a peony. I do have one, but it's not a great one. The one I had from Minnesota grew blooms that would be as big as my son's face. Somehow it didn't make it with the move to Maryland. So very sad. I hope I can find one to replace it this year. I'll be heading to the garden center in the next couple of weeks to find just the right one.

One of the lilacs I bought last year while we were in MN came back wonderfully this year. It's already got some good growth! It'll be quite a while before it reaches maturity, but I'm happy it's making progress! Little by little.

OH, and something I'm extremely excited about is my large lilacs are showing that they're going to be blooming! Those also came with me from Minnesota. I've had these plants for probably 15+ yrs. When they didn't bloom last year I was a little heartbroken. So far I see two green bulbs where there will soon be blooms! The little ones I got from my girlfriend last year have already bloomed. They're tiny, cute little lilacs! I'm not sure if they'll get bigger than what they are, but I love that they bloom so early!

By the end of my afternoon, my little gardens were looking good as new. They looked like they were happy that spring had arrived and were ready to get their bloom on. The one last thing I need to do this weekend is bunch my daffodils together. I planted the bulbs individually in both gardens and realized as I saw other ones at other homes, I like them better in a bunch. Now I just need to find the space!

Have your spring plants come to life yet?


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