Friday, September 22, 2017

Park Hopping - Walt Disney World Day 4 Part 2

After we put Brieanne into her Uber, we headed up to the monorail to ride over to Magic Kingdom. We waited...and waited...and we ended up finding out they were closing down the monorail because they were having issues. It had pulled up about 15 min after we got there, and the people on the monorail couldn't get off because it wasn't lining up right to be able to open the doors. We decided to go ride the ferry over.

We rode over to Magic Kingdom because when we'd been there on Wednesday, my youngest had wanted to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Instead of getting FastPass+es at Epcot, I got three rides for the guys on the roller coaster and at the same time I went to see Ariel at her Grotto with my FastPass+. You can only get a FastPass+ at one park per day. Keep that in mind.

It was fun seeing Ariel. She checked out my TsumTsum lanyard with all of the pins (sans Ariel) and suggested we go looking for more! I agreed that we needed to add to the thingamajigs we already had! Princesses are the best!

I got done pretty quickly and wandered over to Adventureland. I'd remembered seeing the Genie from Aladdin years ago and wanted to find him again. We just randomly found him, so I figured he might be somewhere near The Magic Carpets of Alladin, but nope. Never found him. That's when the guys messaged me that they were done. Off to find the bus to Animal Kingdom.

Yes, that's ALL we did, but it made my son happy so there's that!

It's pretty easy to navigate the buses between parks. You find where you want to go on the board, head to the number in the queue, and wait for your bus to show up.
It takes a short drive to get to your World of choice. When we got to Animal Kingdom, the boys headed to Expedition Everest. They ended up riding it twice. Meanwhile, Fred and I made our way around up towards Africa. We got in line to do Kilimanjaro Safaris, but it was going to be an hour wait, and I wasn't sure I was interested in waiting an hour. Instead we got out of line and grabbed a dessert.

We had no idea what to do, so we just walked around a little bit. We got an amazing view of the side of the Tree of Life and watched the short videos they show before the Spectacular. So, my suggestion to watch these is between Africa and Asia. There aren't any people and you are incredibly close to the tree!

We still didn't know what to do so when we looked at the app, we found that the time for the Safari had dropped to 10 minutes! I have no idea what changed, I think the upcoming light show pulled everyone away, so we rushed over and got on asap. It was pretty cool to see the animals at night! We even head the lion rawr! You've really got to try it at night.

After we got done, we met the boys for the River of Lights nighttime spectacular. We sat exactly where I'd sat the first night. I have to say, don't get the FastPass for this. Sit over towards Dinoland. You get an amazing view pretty much smack dab of the middle of the show. The best part is, once the show is over, you get up quickly, go past Dinoland, then towards the Tree of Life, and then out of the park.

Once again we headed over to wait for a bus to head back to Epcot. There were only 5 of us onboard and when we got back to Epcot there were about 5 cars left in the parking lot. We took a couple of last shots of the Showcase before we left and headed back to the time share for the last time.

It was an amazing week in Kissimmee and I will remember it for years to come. I absolutely can't wait to get back as soon as I can!


SavingsInSeconds said...

So much fun! We love park hopping and feel like it's a great way to make the most of our Disney trips.

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