Saturday, September 16, 2017

Visiting Hollywood Studios - Walt Disney World Day 3

Believe it or not, I wasn't super excited to go to Hollywood Studios. I know, how could I not want to go to one of the Worlds, right? I was mostly going because of my son's love for all things Star Wars. I thought, "I'd rather spend all of my time at Magic Kingdom!" There's stuff to do there, but not a whole heck of a lot. Now, when the new Star Wars area is completed, it'll give a whole new spin on Hollywood Studios. That being said, here's how our day went.

We showed up later in the morning, but just in time to see the March of the First Order. Captain Phasma leads Stormtroopers to Center Stage for a small show and then they march out again. Great timing! They do this on the hour pretty much throughout the day. Sadly later in the day we got to the front of Center Stage for Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away to see the show, but the storm coming cancelled it.

From there we headed over to see BB-8 Astromech on Duty. That went a super quick so seeing it is a must! Then we decided to see Kylo Ren. It was a bit longer of a line, but I figured we didn't have anything better to do. Well, that turned into quite the experience. The Stormtroopers singled out my daughter to interrogate. She wasn't able to find her "ID" so they put her in a corner. After a little bit, they marched her out of the Star Wars Launch Bay. You'll have to watch the Instagram video to see how she was treated by those Stormtroopers.

Our first FastPass+ of the day was for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Believe it or not, this is one roller coaster I'll do. I think that's because it's in the dark and I can't see the scary drops. Well, there really isn't scary drops. It shoots you off like a bat out of Hades and then it's all fun and games from there. My daughter's face compared to my son's is the best thing ever!

My hubby and oldest son went to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. They met us at Indian Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular where we had our second FastPasses. Right as we got our seats, front and center, the skies opened up and it poured like crazy! Sadly the show was cancelled. They gave us FastPass+ tickets to other areas of the park.

The rest of the crew used their replacements for Toy Story Mania. I went to see For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration. Oh my gosh, GET the FastPass+ for the Sing-Along! I kept telling everyone we should go see it, not really knowing what it was, but that we got to sing the songs from Frozen. I'd say sit 6-8 rows back towards the middle. The first time I saw this, I got the family to come with me the second time, I didn't pay attention to the couple retelling the story. They are a HOOT! If you can go a second time, watch them during the sing-along parts. It was probably one of my favorite things to do at any of the parks!

After we watched the second time, we had our FastPass+ for Star Tours. Remember how my daughter was nabbed at the Launch Bay? Well, inside the pod we're supposed to be flying in, they pick HER out of our group as the rebel spy! They put her picture up on the side panel of the viewing area. We all laughed at how great that was! We decided to do it again, and learned that there are about 75 different versions of Star Tours to see.

As we waited for Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular we made ourselves comfortable in front of Center Stage. Sadly, it wasn't the happiest place on earth for some of the people waiting for the light shows to start. Disney Movie Magic is a nighttime spectacular that shows just before the Star Wars show. People that were sitting behind our "walk through" line were yelling at a handful of people who were standing up before the show began. They were telling them to "sit down." I thought they were going to mob the people who were standing up. Once the light show began, everyone was standing and no one was complaining. Just remember, you can't control the crabby people around you.

Both shows were great. If you're my age you might enjoy the Disney Movie Magic more than the kids, but everyone will definitely enjoy the Star Wars show. Because of the weather, the beginning of the Star Wars show was a cloud of smoke. Thankfully the big cloud blew away and we were able to see the show without any issues.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

The FastPass+es I'd get for Hollywood Studios are:

Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Mania, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, and A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration!


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