Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Artsy Olive Framed Art Print Review & Giveaway

Are you like me and love giving gifts with a personal touch? They always seem to say you thought about that person a bit more for their gift. I had never heard of Artsy Olive before I was offered a framed art print for review! I was so excited when I saw the samples.

Now, I don't know about you, but do you get sucked into looking at pretty much every, single, design just to find the perfect ONE? I'm pretty sure I looked at every option trying to decide who I was going to receive my sample for and which design fit exactly what I wanted to say to them. As I was clicking through the many options, I came across ones for friends and that's when I knew I was going to get one from my bestie, TP.

It wasn't an easy decision to make. Some sites make shopping SO difficult #IWantAllTheCuteThings! hahahaha Ok, let's chat about the site first of all. Since Artsy Olive is brand new, they have a "how it works" section right at the top. Sheesh, if more sites had something like that it would cut down on so much frustration. They even have a quick video to show you how their art works. The rest of the site is pretty straight forward and allows you to search by a variety of options.

As you get started with your creation(s) you have a choice of size from 7.7"x7.7" all the way up to 13.7"x18.7". My review art was a 7.7"x7.7". After you choose the design you want, you get to choose your frame style or if you already have a frame that you want to use again, you can choose a print only.

Next you get to choose a background if the design comes with the option. It's fun to play around with the different back grounds with different frames. Some of the designs come with different size options as well. If you create an account, you can even save your favorites so they're easy to go back to and order. From there you get to personalize your picture!!

The picture I chose for TP gave me the opportunity to tell her in a paragraph how much she means to me. I picked the True Friend Is Family. Now, I followed the example and after I got the package I realized I probably didn't need to add her last name. hahahaha I suppose it's always there in case either of us forgets it. 😀

The check out was quick and easy. As you're reviewing your order you have the opportunity to change your frame. Thankfully you can review it right in the same line item if you make a change. Heck you can even admire your creation one more time before you make your purchase. HA!

Right now, I'm seeing 20% off select signs and Free Shipping. I don't know when it expires so no quoting me on those. Not only that, you can get 15% off until December 30th by using the code "blog15"!

Ready for the giveaway? Here's your chance! Artsy Olive is giving away 5 framed prints! Click on the image above or here for your opportunity to win.


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