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Standing Together By Carlos R. Evans And Rosemarie Evans With Cecil Murphey & Giveaway

Standing Together
by Carlos R. Evans and Rosemarie Evans with Cecil Murphey
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 9780825444975

I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who gets emotional around people who have and are currently serving in our military. When I learned about the opportunity to receive Standing Together for review from Read with Audra, I knew it would be intense, but so worthwhile!


A true story of hope and courage in the face of astonishing challenges

During his fourth deployment, US Marine Corps Sergeant Carlos Evans stepped on an IED--and the loss of both legs and his left hand was just the beginning of the struggle for his life.

For the next two years, he and his wife, Rosemarie, went through the rehabilitation process together. As a nurse and mother of two young children, Rosemarie was used to caring for people, but the task of taking care of her triple-amputee husband brought new challenges every day. In addition to his limb loss, Carlos faced PTSD and developed an addiction to painkillers. He was sure Rosemarie's life would be better without him--and that it might have been better if he hadn't survived at all.

But unlike the majority of marriages put under similar strain, Carlos and Rosemarie stayed together. With the help of family, friends, and--most importantly--a strong faith, they've built a solid marriage and discovered a ministry they never expected. By the hand of God, their story, which began in devastation, has turned into one that draws in and lifts up more people than either of them would ever have dreamed.

Not only will disabled veterans and their loved ones find help here, Carlos and Rosemarie's captivating journey also speaks to those who long for stronger marriages, care for loved ones with disabilities, or are facing a new normal in their own lives, small or large. It is a powerful resource for leaning on God in the midst of life's great difficulties--and for finding ways that, through faith, profound loss can bring incredible blessing.

My Review:

Starting with the first page of Standing Together, you know Carlos & Rosemarie are about to take us along on the wild ride of his injuries and their family's road to recovery. To me, the book read like either an interview (think 60 Minutes) or a diary. They are so open with everything they went through  from start to where they are today.

In my head I generically understood how difficult it must be for families to go through the devastation of surviving trauma while serving. Obviously, I had no real clue and I knew that, but reading how difficult it was for both Carlos, Rosemarie, and their kids put it in a new light. The ups and downs throughout the recovery was overwhelming and to see how God sustained them and was their strength is incredible.

Honestly I wasn't surprised by all of the ups and downs both of them had. Also, to see the way so many things actually came together to help and bless them was amazing. Reading their story made me want to find a way to help out those families and open my home up so that when these families are going through the recovery and rehabilitation time they can all stay together as a family instead of kids being one place, the soldier being in recovery, and their spouse trying to find a bed to sleep in. I don't think most of us realize how long the rehabilitation can be.

After reading Carlos' side of the story, I can understand why so many become depressed to the point of taking their own lives. His raw emotions make it clear how important it is for them to have family, friends, and a team who will walk through this time with them. Also, for Rosemarie's side, I can see how some spouses find this time unbearable and find a way out. To see God move and work in their hearts & minds was incredibly encouraging. As hard as it is, it can be done.

It was clear throughout the entire story how so many people played a part in the recovery of Carlos and the sustaining of their family. From the people who came alongside them at the hospitals to the people who found an apartment for them, to the organization that helped with their dream home, and then those who encouraged Carlos to become a speaker, there were an incredible amount of people who wanted to help! Honestly, I was blown away.

As hard as it was to read everything Carlos & Rosemarie went through, it was an incredible example of how God can use the circumstances in our lives. No one understands that more than this family! They are truly an inspiration!

About the Authors:
Sgt. (Ret.) Carlos R. Evans is a minister with the Assemblies of God USA, a Wounded Warrior spokesman, and a motivational speaker. Born in Puerto Rico, Carlos was an avid athlete through his high school and college years.  At university, he studied Theology and was very active in his church. When the tragic events of September 11th occurred, he felt compelled to join the family legacy of service in the US Marine Corps, and originally planned to join as a Chaplain.
Carlos served three tours of duty in Iraq and was assigned to Afghanistan for his fourth deployment. In May 2010, he was the squad leader on foot patrol when he stepped on an improvised explosive device. The blast took both of his legs and his left hand. Medically discharged after his rehab at Walter Reed, Carlos served in the Marine Corps for eight years.
Rosemarie Evans, also a native of Puerto Rico, is an experienced nurse. She is now a full-time caregiver and student working toward a master’s degree in marriage and family from Liberty University. Carlos and Rosemarie live in Orlando, Florida with their two daughters.
Learn more about Carlos and Rosemarie Evans at as well as on Facebook (CR Evans)Instagram (@crevans923) and Twitter (@crevans923).
You have the opportunity to win Standing Together through 8/20/19!
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