Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Holly Lane Christian Jewelry Review & Giveaway

Are you the kind of person who has jewelry that holds meaning? I would say if I looked through my jewelry case I'd be able to tell you who gave it to me and why it's meaningfully to me! When I learned about the opportunity to share about a new-to-me company that promotes the Christian faith, I couldn't say, "No." When I visited the Holly Lane website I knew I'd made the right decision!

Holly Lane has been around for 16 yrs and was actually named from the street founder, Tiffany Scott, lived on when she started it. Here's a bit more about the company:

Our line of sterling silver Christian jewelry is intentionally designed to create opportunities to share Christ with others, and to be worn as a personal reflection of faith. Each piece is designed in central Virginia by jewelry artist Tiffany Scott who has based her designs on verses from the Bible in order to bring comfort to the wearer and be a representation of God's promises. These unique designs are meant to catch the attention of others and spark conversation about the verses they are based on. 

When I went to the website initially, all I did was spend a LOT of time clicking through all of the options because I didn't realize everything that's available. It's one of those things where you can find a piece for every reason and occasion! If you wonder if every piece can have a biblical connection, let me assure you they do. From feather earrings to a cactus ring to a camper slide you will find that they each direct you back to your faith! For me, that's shows each piece has been thoughtfully considered and they're placed in the collections for a purpose.

Do you ever visit a website and wonder what the actual size is? Sometimes you can see each part of the item, but how will it look on you? How can you compare the size in real life? Thankfully Holly Lane takes care of that giving you a photo of the piece on someone or even in comparison to say, a stamp! Actual measurements can be so obscure when only seeing numbers.

Here's a great description of their jewelry:

Each piece of verse-based Holly Lane jewelry comes with a Story Card that features the verse reference on the front, and an explanation of the design's significance on the back. Tiffany's love for semiprecious gemstones shows through in her use of many different gems throughout the line. The Holly Lane line is designed so that the customer can put together their own personal combination of pendants, chains and bead drops based on the promises they are holding on to and how God is currently speaking to them in their lives.

After looking through all of the necklaces, I had my choices narrowed down to 2. I mean, I want 1 of every single of their pieces, but to be realistic I looked at the God's Timing and the Compass necklaces. I've been out of a job since March so that's weighed heavily on me and has been the focus of nearly everything up to this point of the year. That's why both of those necklaces have such meaning for me. I need to remember God's timing and his direction.

I ended up going with the God's Timing necklace. With the number of months that have gone by, it's clear that any job I finally get will come in His time. I'm an incredibly impatient person so necklace has plenty of meaning and when I wear it, I remember what God is doing in my life right now in the "wait". The scripture that comes with this necklace is also written on the back. Psalm 27:14 "Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!"

I have to tell you've this has become my go-to necklace. I've worn it for church, for an event we went to, and for an interview I went to. I noticed I've gotten into the habit of playing with my necklace as well as I wear it. I think God keeps using it to remind me that He's got this.

With Christmas around the corner I've added the Heart for God necklace. It's absolutely stunning. I also love the length of it. There's also the Be Still line. They have a necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, and even a slide in case you wanted to add it to a bracelet that doesn't have a charm already. Of course, you know my love for butterflies and there's also a beautiful line that would be a perfect gift for me! Hint hint to my husband who I know is reading this! ☺

And now what you've been waiting for! You have the chance to win a $100 e-gift card to Holly Lane. I also have a 20% off code you can use for any purchase you make: 20FORYOU. Winner will be chosen 11/20/19.


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