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The Tuesday 10 & Book Birthday Natalie Walters

I'm so excited to bring you a new-to-me author, Natalie Walters! During our email exchange, after she answered all of my questions, I realized once again how being sisters in Christ, having never met someone in real life, is such an incredible gift! She and I would probably get along really well IRL!

That being said (and not wanting things to get awkward) let's welcome Natalie and get to know her. Also, I'll be doing a review of her book that releases today, Deadly Deceit, in the next couple of weeks. Have I mentioned this is book 2 in a series. Look at me being consistent!

Q1: When you were growing up, what stories did you enjoy reading? Do you remember books you loved reading to your children?

Natalie: My first book set was Ramona Quimby and then I matured into The Babysitter’s Club. I could read those books over and over again to this day, they’ll always be my favorite childhood series. I also used to read the Childcraft Encyclopedia set for fun. ☺

Mimi: Encyclopedia...for fun. hmmmm I liked to look at the pictures, does that count?

Q2: You literally look like you could be a sister to your kids, not a mom. That's a compliment... HA! What do they think of their mom being a published author?

Natalie: Aww, you’re so sweet, thank you!! Their feelings swing from excitement at seeing my book on the shelves inside of a book store, to eye-rolling when I tell them the characters are talking to me, to a mix of emotions when I tell them it’s “cereal for dinner night!” LOL But mostly, I think they’re proud of me and the best compliment they’ve ever given to me—and all three of them have said this—is that they realize how hard writing book actually is. (*and now I’m all teary eyed*)

Mimi: When they're older, they'll learn to appreciate cereal for dinner! I know I have.

Q3: Thank you for your family’s service to our country! Where is one of your
favorite places you and your husband have served? How long did you live there?

Natalie: I think the consensus on this one would be our assignment in Cairo, Egypt. We moved there three weeks before the revolution and were evacuated for a few months back to the U.S. before returning to finish our two year assignment. We really enjoyed the history, culture, and traveling we got to do while there but the best part was the lifelong friendships we made while being stationed there.

Mimi: Wow - Egypt! That's amazing. I think the best place about anywhere we live is the people!

Q4: You can take your family on a week long vacation to somewhere in the US you haven't been. Where would you go and at what time of the year?

Natalie: Northern California—to the Redwood forest! I’d probably go in the fall so I’d get the benefit of cooler weather but the beauty of the leaves changing colors.

Mimi: Ooooo yes, the forest! When I lived in WA I loved going over to Olympic National Forest because it was SO stunning! I would love meandering along with all of those massive trees!

Q5: The movie you could watch over and over without ever tiring of it?

Natalie: The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins.

Mimi: Yes and Yes! "The Hills Are Alive" or "A Spoon Full of Sugar"? Which would we sing at the top of our lungs to embarrass the children?

Q6: You’re asked to write your next novel during a holiday. Which one would you pick and why?

Natalie: Definitely Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday and I’m a nostalgic person at heart so I think there’s a lot of memories I could incorporate into the story.

Mimi: I'm down with Christmas! The memories of those special days we share with friends and family are etched into my heart.

Q7: “Living Lies” is going to be turned into a movie. Who do you choose play the roles of Lane Kent and Charlie Lynch?

Natalie: Ooh, this is a good question. I used Lily Collins as inspiration for Lane Kent’s character and Sean Maguire (from Once Upon A Time) for Charlie’s character but I wouldn’t turn down Chris Hemsworth’s interest in the role!!

Mimi: Ok, I have to be honest, I had no idea who Sean Maguire was. *cringe* Lily...great choice! And you can't go wrong with Chris Hemsworth!

Q8: Your husband has surprised you with tickets to a concert with 3 of your favorite performers. Who are you seeing?

Natalie: New Kids on the Block-not even a little bit ashamed! LOL Taylor Swift-maybe, only slightly embarrassed about this one! Jack Johnson

Mimi: Here I am being honest again. No idea who Jack Johnson is. HA! Listen, I'm lucky to get my kids names right. 🤷 

Q9: When do you start decorating for Christmas? Before Halloween or after
Thanksgiving? Do you go all out?

Natalie: I’m forbidden to decorate a single day before Thanksgiving BUT I do manage to sneak a few little decorations out before then and I do go pretty big when I’m finally allowed to decorate!

Mimi: I think your family and I would get along VERY well. hahahaha No Christmas decorating until the day AFTER Thanksgiving! Whew, I'm glad I got that out. My daughter on the other hand literally celebrates half Christmas with her husband and it's all downhill from there!

Q10: I haven't been to Hawaii for 20 yrs. We're hanging out for the day. Where would you take us to hike, see the places locals hangout, and eat?

Natalie: We’d definitely hike Diamond Head because it gives you the best views. Then we’d drive over the H3 to Kailua because that’s my favorite drive and makes me feel like I’m on Jurassic Park. We’d go all the way around the island to the North Shore so you could stand up paddle board with the turtles and have the best shaved ice on the island at Aoki’s. Breakfast would be malasadas from Zippy’s, plate lunch from Yummy’s, and family style dinner at Side Street Café.

Mimi: Don't mind me as I rush to see how many Southwest points it would take me to get to Hawaii! 😉

More about Natalie: Natalie Walters is a military wife of 23 years and currently resides in Hawaii with her soldier and family. She writes full time and is the author of the Harbored Secrets Series. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking, and traveling. Her dream is to figure out how to convince Chip and Joanna Gaines to build her the forever home she’s been dreaming of and settle down with GIJOE in Texas. 


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