Saturday, May 16, 2020

I Still Believe & Giveaway

I'm here to date myself. I started listening to Jeremy Camp back in 2002 when his first album Stay came out. I can still sing every song by heart! Here we are 18 years later and there's a movie made out of one of the songs from that album, which is called I Still Believe. I still have the CD in my car!

I received the opportunity to watch the movie I Still Believe, which is based on a true story of Jeremy Camp's life. I remember when I first learned about the early years of his life. It was incredibly sad, but then came God's grace and mercy, and it wasn't so sad any more, but inspiring!

Unfortunately, I Still Believe released in theaters March 13, 2020 right when all of the crazy was beginning to happen! We weren't able to get to the movies to see it. Insert sad face What was awesome though was, it was the #2 movie opening weekend and #3 overall! The movie then was rushed to video on demand by the end of the month with movie theaters closing. I am SO thankful that there are movies out there that have hope, faith, and purpose woven into the story! This one reminds me so much of I Can Only Imagine. Great movie BTW!

Now, I will warn you, have tissues on hand. I think this is the first thing I've seen KJ Apa in. He did a great job of portraying Jeremy Camp. I was surprised at how much I kind of didn't like him to begin with. lol You'll have to see how he gets to know Melissa to understand why I wasn't a fan at the start of the movie. HA! I love Britt Robertson and I think I've everything she's in. She portrayed Melissa so beautifully. I liked how she put Jeremy in his place!

Honestly, this movie got me in the heart. The love he and Melissa had was beautiful, but also so tragic. One thing that I have to appreciate is Adrienne is that she's so supportive of this movie. Also Gary Sinise and Shania Twain play such great roles as his parents. I also had no idea Jeremy Camp has a brother with Down down syndrome. I learned so much with this movie.

Probably my favorite part was hearing a couple of the songs that I've loved of his. Very cool that KJ Apa actually sang the songs. And wow, I had no idea Britt could sing. Her voice is beautiful and she's definitely multitalented.

If you're looking to watch the movie, you can rent it or own it now! May 5th it became available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital. This is a not-to-be-missed movie!

Now for the giveaway deets! One person will win:

          • Official, commemorative pop socket
• Official, commemorative wristband
• Exclusive Q&A with Jeremy Camp (via video)

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