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Great Waters By Jennifer Q. Hunt

Great Waters
by Jennifer Q. Hunt
Publisher: Independent
ISBN: 979-8647840196

Ok, I admit it. I'm always nervous when authors reach out to me asking me if I will review their books. This is especially the case if they're independent authors who I've never heard of. Let me just say, I'm SO glad Jennifer asked me to review her book. She sent me the ebook copy to facilitate my review.


Haunted by the tragedies and mistakes of his past, Russell Carver has nonetheless managed to build a successful—if lonely—life for himself in his native Boston. But when he meets lovely, vivacious Katie Sweet, up from Atlanta to visit her grandmother, Russell’s stoic life is turned upside down and long-abandoned dreams are reawakened. Russell will do anything to protect and provide for this woman he adores, but neither of them can imagine the great waters of calamity that will soon rush against them and shake their fledgling relationship to its very foundation.Set against the backdrop of the final years of the Roaring Twenties and the beginning of the Great Depression, Great Waters is a stand-alone sequel to Some Through the Fire.Can Russell and Katie’s love survive through the family conflicts, heart-wrenching losses, and dark secrets that threaten to drown them both?

My Review:

Looking for a story that will send your emotions through the wringer? Look no further than Great Waters. hahahaha You will follow the characters to their mountain tops and their valleys. This isn't just a story, it's a saga!

The start of the story, when Russell meets Katie is fun and lighthearted. The reader literally isn't prepared for what's to come. If you can think of anything that could possibly happen to a character in a story, you'll most likely find it in Great Waters. And while the story's main characters are Russell and Katie, we get to know many of the others in a very deep way: Billy and Cornelia, Violet and Andy, Sadie and Harry, and Grandmother Sweet. 

I will warn you that topics such as addiction, suicide, and spousal abuse are covered in this book. Both of those storylines are powerful and well written. I have to admit, the character, Harry, is an evil man and his character is written in a way that truly portrays that.

The characters and situations are written in such a way that you can feel the emotions of what they're going through. The excitement for new love, the loss of a job, the sense of betrayal of a loved one, etc. Their feelings are palpable.

One thing I loved in this story is that the characters didn't live under the assumption of something for very long. You know what I mean, right? A character assumes another character did something and for 4 chapters it's not discussed or if it is, it's with more misunderstanding. I liked that the characters had people speaking truth into their lives and were reacting in ways that portrayed a more "normal" sense than just adding to the dramatics. In fact, most times the characters are encouraged by faith.

And the faith element to this story is to be commended! It was an exceptional part of this story and defining piece that guided the main characters. I appreciated that faith is what motivated them to forgiveness, restoration, and making choices (for the most part). The characters are very imperfect, but you see the growth of each them in themselves, their relationships, and with the Lord.

Overall, a very enjoyable book and I will miss all of the characters.

About the Author:

Jennifer Hunt has been writing her whole life, ever since she took crayons to tablet paper to write "The Princess is Saved" and brought it in to kindergarten Show and Tell! Throughout the years, Jennifer has written short stories, articles, and dramatic scripts. She has used her writing abilities to further the ministries of the churches and organizations where she has worked vocationally and/or volunteered. For history tidbits, deleted scenes, and more "extras" as well as information about upcoming releases, follow Jennifer on Facebook at Jennifer Q. Hunt, Author or Instagram


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