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Point Of Danger By Irene Hannon

Point of Danger
by Irene Hannon
Publisher: Revell
Series: Triple Threat
ISBN: 9780800736170

So, I have a few of Irene Hannon's books thanks to author, Natalie Walters. I haven't read them because... who has time? lol They sit on my tbr shelves calling my name! Since I had the opportunity to read Point of Danger for review from Revell, I figured now was as good a time as any to try her out!


Hate mail was one thing. This was quite another.

Radio talk show host Eve Reilly is used to backlash from her pot-stirring on-air commentary and interviews. But now it seems a disgruntled listener is resorting to more than angry words to express their displeasure. When a suspicious package arrives on her doorstep, Eve turns to law enforcement for help.

Police detective Brent Lange can't find any evidence to link the string of unsettling incidents that follows, but he's convinced they're connected. As the harassment grows more menacing, it becomes clear someone wants Eve's voice silenced--permanently. 

But unless he can track down her elusive foe, the gutsy woman who is willing to take risks for what she believes--and who is swiftly winning his heart--may not survive.

My Review:

hahaha WOW! What did I just read? I wish Instagram Stories stayed longer than 24 hours because I'd tell you to go watch the ones I did about Point of Danger! If you've read any of my recent reviews of the suspense novels I'm reading you'll know I am "Ms. Detective" and I basically accuse everyone from the gate of being the bad guy. Of course all it does is throw me off.

The first sentence will have you clamoring for more:

"The package was ticking."

There's danger from the opening line and it doesn't stop until the end! And speaking of danger, there are a couple of storylines going on that involve it! Sheesh. First there's Eve Riley who is a stinking spitfire! She isn't going to put up with anyone's nonsense, even if she's being threatened. I guess when you're a controversial radio host you have to deal with crazy people. Something I never really thought of before.

And then... then there's Eve's co-worker, Meg. Sweetest thing ever, but then there's her husband. Let's just say he's the complete opposite of her. If you've ever despised a character before, let me just say, Meg's husband will set a new bar for you. lol When I read one scene where the author gives you insight into how his mind was working, I wanted to reach into the book and slap him silly!

Lastly we have some random people who are clearly gunning for Eve. That's the part that makes you start wondering what in the world is going on! Do these people go with the bomb threat from the beginning of the story? Are they a second set of people trying to take her out? With that added element, you're left guessing until the very end!

While I like Eve's character, I probably would've ditched the show and headed to Tahiti. HA! I really liked how her sisters played into her life and I can't wait to read their stories. Of course there's the knight in shining armor, Brent Lange, who took on the case and took it seriously from the start. I liked his straight forward talk and that he also wasn't one to put up with nonsense! I enjoyed the push and pull between he and Eve. The underlying current of attraction between the two just gives the story that extra "oomph" to help us enjoy the story!

This is just an aside and really is just me being curious, but the author uses the phrase (or close to this), "He set the brake on his car." Does anyone do that anymore? Don't we just put the car in park? lol If I'm on a hill, I'd set the brake, but not just to let someone out of my car. Just me?

Anyhow, I'm chomping at the bit for book 2 already and can't wait for it to come out!!

About the Author:

Irene Hannon is the bestselling author of more than fifty novels, including Hope HarborSea Rose LaneSandpiper CovePelican PointDriftwood Bay, and Starfish Pier, as well as Point of Danger and the Code of Honor, Private Justice, and Men of Valor suspense series. Her books have been honored with three coveted RITA Awards from Romance Writers of America, and she is a member of that organization's elite Hall of Fame. Her many other awards include National Readers' Choice, Daphne du Maurier, Retailers' Choice, Booksellers' Best, Carol, and Reviewers' Choice from RT Book Reviews magazine, which also honored her with a Career Achievement Award for her entire body of work. In addition, she is a two-time Christy Award finalist. Learn more at


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