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Apprentice By Kristen Young

About the Book


Author: Kristen Young

Genre: Christian Science Fiction

Release Date: October 20, 2020

Publisher: Enclave


The Love Collective is everywhere.
It sees everything.
Be not afraid.

Apprentice Flick remembers everything, except the first five years of her life. And for as long as she can remember, Flick has wanted to enter the Elite Academy—home to the best, brightest, and most loyal members of the Love Collective government.

Flick’s uncanny memory might get her there, too … even if it is the very thing that marks her as a freak. But frightening hallucinations start intruding into her days and threaten to bring down all she has worked so hard to accomplish. Why is she being hijacked by a stranger’s nightmare over and over again?

Moving to the Elite Academy could give Flick the future she’s always wanted. But her search for truth may lead to a danger she cannot escape.


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My Review:

I just got done talking to my 17yr old son about the fact that he would LOVE Apprentice! It reminds me of The Hunger Games, The Giver, Maze Runner, and Divergent all rolled up in one. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed it considering it's really a young adult genre book.

I became invested almost immediately. I actually wasn't sure if Kerr Flick was a boy or a girl initially. lol I actually thought she was a boy because of the name and there really wasn't much to go on. In fact, when she was being bullied by her dorm mates, I thought they were calling her (who I though was a him) a "girl" to treat him badly. Nope, turns out Flick is a girl. HA!

Anyhow, you get pulled along as they end their training in the Nursery. With the testing that's around the corner, tensions are high. What really struck me during the time we're getting to know Flick and those around her, is the fact that the Love Collective is constantly pushing "love", yet how Flick is treated is dealt with (actually NOT dealt with at all) nothing close to that. It's almost like even the instructors have disdain for her.

I could see how many could be intimidated by her. Not only does she have the amazing memory, but she's wicked smart as well. But you can tell there's something off. Something isn't quite right with all of this Love Collective business.

As Flick advances through her training things start to get weird. When she's with the next group of people in a new dorm, there's a sense of relief because she's no longer the freak, but have no fear, things don't stay that way for long. Like, maybe for a page or two. hahahaha I mean, I wasn't kidding when I said this book is like all 4 of those movies wrapped up in one book.

The ONLY problem in reading this book is that it's the first book, which, yay me, I'm reading in order, but boooo because now I wait. And I already feel like it's going to be an exceedingly long period of time before I can read book 2. HA! I mean, even if it were to come out next month I'd still feel like I was too impatient for it. So trust me, if you have a young adult or even if you're an old adult like me, but enjoy sci-fi's trust me and read this book!

About the Author

Kristen Young is an Aussie children’s and youth worker who always has a notebook on hand to catch ideas for her fiction and non-fiction. She loves hanging out with her family, watching movies with subtitles, and chocolate.


More from Kristen

An interview with Kristen Young


Q: How long have you been writing?

I was the kid who used to create little booklets and puzzle magazines for the family. So writing is something that I’ve been doing for a long time. It wasn’t quite publication-worthy back then, but it was fun. I had to practice a little more before people outside my family wanted to see it.

Q: Where do you write?

Anywhere I have access to a laptop or a pen. I have a desk at home where most of the writing happens, but I usually carry a notebook in my bag in case inspiration hits when I’m out. People think I’m a little eccentric when I’m madly scribbling in the middle of the supermarket. But I have to get that scene idea down before I forget!

Q: What is your writing Kryptonite?

Distractions. For me, writing preparation is a little like building a house of cards — that process of getting my thoughts in order and working out the story direction. Distractions are like the gust of wind that knocks the whole construction over. I usually wear noise-cancelling headphones to try and keep me focused on the process.

Q: Where’s your favourite story setting?

I’m still looking for that wardrobe with a door to Narnia.

Q: What’s the first book that made you cry?

I’m not sure if I can share that without giving spoilers! But I’d have to say Charlotte’s Web. When I read that as a child, it had me wrecked for ages.

Q: Have you read anything that totally changed your idea of the way fiction could be written?

There are a couple of books that totally changed my view of fiction. The first was Margaret Atwood’s novel The Blind Assassin. I was totally captivated by the way she mixed newspaper articles and other media with the narrative sections. It was mind-blowing at the time.

Jasper Fforde’s series that started with The Eyre Affair was also pretty amazing. It took a whole pile of literary references and completely messed with them. It was enormous fun.

Q: So why set something in a world called the “Love Collective”?

I like words, and I’m fascinated by the way people often play with them, or even weaponise them. I kind of wanted to explore this word ‘love’ and what it means. In English, we have this one word to refer to so many different kinds of concepts. I wanted to write an exciting story, so it seemed right to have this concept as a backdrop behind the action, where you’re asking, “What does this mean?”

Q: Your main character never forgets anything. Is she like you?

No way. I think Flick’s memory is a bit of wish fulfilment from me. It was so hard writing her, because I forget so many details! In some ways forgetting is protective. But in other ways I’d love to have her memory.

Q: What can we expect in the rest of the Collective Underground Trilogy?

I can’t tell you the whole story, that would ruin the fun. But in the first book, Flick’s world has started really small, and she’s going to broaden her horizons. She’ll get to explore more of this Love Collective. There also might be some more danger, too. Or more love. We’ll see…

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