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Ruby's Redemption By Edwina Kiernan

Ruby's Redemption
by Edwina Kiernan
Publisher: Moliant Publishing
Series: Gems of Grace
ISBN: 978-1838285074

How thankful I am to Edwina for reaching out to me about reviewing her book! Had she not, I may have never gotten to know her and her writing!


A gentle clergyman. A broken prostitute. A blossoming love that will endanger both their lives…

Forced into depravity by her tyrannous guardian after her parents’ death, Ruby’s life is one of vile deeds and violence. Unable to remember much of life outside the brothel’s walls, years of despair and abuse have crushed all hope of ever breaking free from her captor’s iron grip.

Until an unlikely encounter with Henry, a gentle country clergyman, sets an escape in motion that will change both their lives. But when Ruby’s worst fears are realized, the uncommon pair will face more devastation than either thought possible. 

As the dawning of a new life of peace and love is ripped from her grasp, Ruby discovers that true freedom has a high cost... but who will have to pay?

My Review:

Ruby's Redemption is a pretty big book. And I have been pretty busy, but I read this book in under a day! And without really knowing what the story was about, I was a bit 😳 at the start. hahahaha I mean, it's a book that starts off in a brothel. Ahem. 

Let me tell you something about this story. It is FULL of grace. Oh my goodness, if you need hope or a reminder that we all deserve it, look no further. Not only that, the flip side of the coin is that we need to remember that NO ONE is too far gone. God will redeem anyone if they turn to him. THAT is what I found throughout Ruby's Redemption.

You know when characters show up on the page and you know they're the main character? While I recognized this with Ruby (I mean the title is the obvious giveaway there), but I didn't with Henry. Initially I thought he would lead us to the other MC. Nope, he was the fella who was going to take center stage. 

Their initial encounter sets up the entire storyline. And let me just say, the beginning is a rough one. I mean, living in a brothel under force won't be a story that's all butterflies and sunshine, right? It's pretty gritty and a harsh reality for those living it. The author brings us a bit into the depravity of it all. Nothing gratuitous, but she has to set the stage. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the wholesome character of Henry. He has the best of intentions, but also a bit naive. Now, that being said, he fully trusts in God for help and provision. Unfortunately, you can tell Ruby has no experience with anything relating to God. That and the fact that much of her life has been spent being used and discarded by men makes it near impossible for her to trust Henry.

We also meet Abigail, Henry's aunt, who welcomes Ruby with kindness and gentleness, but remember, she's Henry's aunt so maybe a bit protective. I actually really liked her because we see so much humanness in her. It's entirely possible I could relate to her because I can be a bit on the emotional side. hahahaha

And then one of my favorite characters of the entire story, and one whom Ruby likes just as much as me, is Browne. He's the steadfast man of the story. Browne safe and comforting. He's another one of those characters that you want to come alive and just always be in your corner.

Edwina wrote the character Millforte in a way that will have all of us shirking back. He's villainous to the core and written in such a way that we know we'd never want to meet him in a lighted alley let alone a darkened one. What an evil character! He really shows himself and how deplorable he is in the story.

My favorite part of the entire story was the faith. The way God was discussed, their prayers, the way in which the characters viewed Him were wonderful! If more books could be filled with this level of faith, Christian fiction would make an even bigger impact in the lives of people who read this category. At least that's my take. I think Edwina did an exceptional job of incorporating it the storyline and I think it will impact every reader. 

Now, who else is ready for book two aside from me? lol

About the Author:

Edwina Kiernan is a Christian writer, and author of the new novel, Ruby's Redemption. 

An enthusiast of classic novels and history, Edwina combines her faith, imagination and research in hope-infused tales set in times past. Her latest novel is the first in a new Inspirational Regency romance series, Gems of Grace. 

A lifelong word admirer, with Welsh and Irish heritage, she started writing stories early in childhood. She still loves to learn, taking courses from places like Oxford University and the Beau Monde, for both fun and further education. 

When she's not writing, Edwina loves spending time with her dashing husband and lively little son, reading and studying the Bible, getting lost in a captivating novel and drinking more types of tea than most people realize even exist. 

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