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The Watcher By Sara Davison & GIVEAWAY

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The Watcher Title: The WATCHER 
Author: Sara Davison 
Publisher: Mountain Brook Ink 
Release Date: April 15, 2021 
Genre: Christian speculative romantic suspense 

Someone or something is watching Kathryn Ellison. 

Kathryn thought she had buried memories of That Night for good—until Nick Lawson returns, reigniting her long-suppressed feelings for him. Seeing Nick has always reminded her too much of the horrible night that changed her life. As much as she wants to be with him, she wants even more to forget. When Nick unexpectedly shows up at her family ranch, Kathryn knows it is finally time to let go of the traumatic past that has held her captive for so long. 

David Henley is a captive too—of the dark secret involving Kathryn, a secret he’s kept even from his wife. Now the truth is about to be revealed. And when it is, he could be stripped of everything in his life that matters to him. 

A storm is brewing in the spiritual realm, and its effects reverberate through the natural world, summoning otherworldly Beings to the ranch. While Kathryn confronts the memories of That Night and struggles to let them go, she is not as alone in her home as she thinks. 

As spiritual and temporal forces collide, Kathryn—and everyone she loves—is about to be caught in the crossfire. 

My Review:

I want to preface this story with the fact that this deals with sexual trauma. I feel like the depth of this story and the topic it covers is very important to share up front because there's a realness and rawness to the story that I want readers to be aware of. BUT, more than that, please be understand that the author handles it in a way that recognizes the pain victims can go through along with their families.

This was a rather fascinating read to be honest. I've not read anything quite like it before. I really enjoy books that delve into the spiritual realm and that's what this book does in spades. The perspective of the story from the characters and one specific "being" really kept me thinking.

The reader goes from our current day back to when Kathryn's "that night" occurred and then gradually through the progressive years. It was so interesting to see how she dealt with her past as she went through it as well as now as she looks back over the previous years. No worries, it's easy to keep up with what's going on. 

As with any story, especially trauma, not only is one person effected, but the rest of her family is as well. Her brother was such a hero in my eyes. Aaron was basically her built in protector. He was always so kind, gentle, and loving. It amazed me how patient and understanding his wife, Meg, was with the entire situation. He's exactly how you'd hope a sibling would be through something like this.

It was such a strange experience to read the perspective of one of the men who was involved in Katheryn's trauma. While I appreciated Sara's perspective of him, it was difficult to read. I think that's an important piece because I think we need to struggle with how we show grace and mercy to those who we deem have sinned "greater" than others. As the author notes through her characters, we are all sinners. There is an incredibly powerful scene in the story that had me welled up with tears. Grace is a powerful thing.

It took a little while to understand Nick's connection to Katheryn, but what an unbelievable twist to this story. I don't want to give anything away, but I just really liked his character. He has a strength and vulnerability that comes through every scene he's in. Even at his lowest moments he has this deep strength.

The "being" though... I don't even know how to describe it. I'd like to talk to the author about it. I have questions. I think theologically we'd have an incredibly lively discussion. There are a few elements I'm not sure I agree with. Not to say the author is "wrong" by any means. I'd just love to pick her brain about the "being". How do I explain my thoughts on it as well as the others that pop up. I will admit that nearly from the start I tried to deduce who or what it was, but not in the right way. I almost feel like after learning more about the main "being", I want to go back and re-read the story so I can get better glimpses of it and have those "ah ha" moments.

The overwhelming presence of God's grace is absolutely shown throughout this story. No, we don't get all of the answers, just like in real life. I think the extra content from the author was also really good to read. She acknowledges that some of this story may be difficult for some to read. I think on any level, it would be hard, but for some more than others it will be even harder.

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Sara Davison

Sara Davison is the author of three romantic suspense series—The Seven Trilogy, The Night Guardians, and The Rose Tattoo Trilogy. She has been a finalist for ten national writing awards, including Best New Canadian Christian author, a Carol, a Selah, and two Daphne du Maurier Awards for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense. She is a Word and Cascade Award winner. She currently resides in Ontario, Canada with her husband Michael and their three children. The words on the mug she uses every morning pretty much sum up her life—I just want to sleep, drink coffee, and make stuff up. Get to know Sara better at and @sarajdavison.

CONNECT WITH SARA: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Thank you for the review.

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Thank you, Mimi, for sharing your beautiful and honest thoughts on The Watcher and for spotlighting the book on your blog. Blessings!

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This sounds like a great book!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your reveiw! - JustRead Tours

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Mimi, Thank you for sharing! The Watcher sounds like a must read.

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This cover is everything! It draws the eyes in and then you can't stop looking lol. Thanks for sharing this awesome book rec!

Sara Davison said...

Thanks so much, Mimi, for showcasing The Watcher on your blog. Blessings!

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This sounds like a good read. Nice cover!

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Sounds like a page-turner! Thank you for sharing.

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