Friday, November 5, 2021

Artza Box - Judaean Desert

I was so surprised when my Artza Box - Judaean Desert showed up! They sent it to me to review and I was AH-mazed! I think this is probably my favorite box to date. There's just so much to love about it and I can't wait to share it with you! I know with my last boxes the items included weren't only things I could enjoy and experience, but that my husband could enjoy them too. This time they really knocked it out of the park!!

Just a heads up on a couple of items! Artza is having a flash sale and you can use the code to get 20% off ARTZA20. This is for a limited time. NOT only that, while available, they're going to have a Christmas box that delivers towards the middle of this month! Of course, my interest is piqued because I want to know what comes in that box! Check it all out HERE.

First, let's talk about this bath salt. This item is one I'll be hogging all to myself. It's not really up Fred's alley. hahahaha The artisan who created this bath salt is Yonat Midbar. From this small business the box included Lavender Patchouli infused Dead Sea bath salts. The scent is heavenly and it came at the perfect time when I'll want to take nice warm baths through the winter months.

When my husband and I go on trips we always try to make it to a local coffee house. We love bringing back different coffee from our trips to Peru. You KNOW we'd bring home a suitcase full from Israel! Hanan created a special blend for the Artza box. How incredible is that? I've been out of town so haven't had a chance to sample it yet, but we will this weekend. I'm looking forward to this Agrocafe!

A handful of years ago I FINALLY became a fan of honey. Now I've grown to really love sampling different flavors of it. The recipe for the Silan Date Cake sounds incredible. I mean, doesn't that photo of it on the card looks scrumptious?! I am wondering if date honey, which is what this jar is, is different than regular honey. Needless to say, my interest is piqued in the taste. Of course I'll want to sample it in a spoonful! This date honey is crafted by Meshek Lin.

If you don't know it already, my husband is the cook in the family. He loves it. I like it, but he LOVES it. He also loves cooking with EVOO. Unfortunately, that means we always have some huge bottle of it sitting on our counter. Eh, not really how I want to do it. SO, this handmade olive-oil jug is perfect for our counter.

Ok, and I'M even excited about this salt. I'm pretty sure Fred puts salt and rosemary into EVERY dish he makes. I'm not even kidding a little bit. There's SO much to love about the salt, but also about 424, which is not only the name of this company, but also the depth of the Dead Sea! They employs people with special needs and develop their talents. How incredible is that?! Oh, and by the way, there's gold leaf sparkle in the salt!

Something that was really amazing to receive was this Dead Sea Scroll ceramic. Zak is an artisan whose family has been in Israel for over 400 years! The ceramic is handmade and includes a scroll copy of Habbakukk. Isn't that really cool to have on display?

And lastly is this shalom ceramic wall tile that is handmade by local artisan Jamil Hosh. It's framed in Israeli grown olive wood. Now I just need the perfect place to display it.

Is there a location in Israel that you'd love for Artza to curate items from? I'd love to know. Check out my video on Instagram where I highlight a few of these items.


Nora said...

I watched you video thanks for sharing. I'd never heard of this before. My husband is the chef in our house too! Thanks for the info that was in your box. Looks great!

Beth said...

Did you ever make the Silan Date Cake? I wasn't successful at it. Any tips?

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