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Right Here Waiting By Michelle Sass Aleckson & Susan May Warren

Right Here Waiting
by Michelle Sass Aleckson & Susan May Warren
Publisher: Sunrise Publishing
Series: Deep Haven Collection
ISBN: 978-1953783127

This has been such a wonderful ride through Deep Haven! This collection of 6 books has been an amazing read this past year! I was sent the ebook from the publisher for my review. If you haven't started reading this series yet, do NOT miss it!


Can she belong in his world?

Sled dog musher and vlogger Nick Dahlquist has simple goals-teach outdoor survival, run the Iditarod...and chat with online friend, LadyJHawk. Sure, he's starting to like her more than he wants to admit, but has no capacity for an in-real-life relationship.

Chopper pilot Jae Washington has been an avid follower of Nick's DogQuest vlog since inheriting a military working dog. Now, his online friendship has made her wonder if he could be more than a friend. 

Getting a job on Deep Haven's Crisis Response Team seems the perfect next step-so long as he doesn't think she's stalking him.

Nick is pretty sure petite Jae won't last a moment in the brutal cold-a fear he shares with LadyJHawk. Meanwhile, Jae decides to keep her avatar a secret until she can prove to Nick she's not a stalker. But as he trains her-and the chill between them begins to thaw-what if he discovers the truth she's hiding?

When a blizzard strikes, and the CRT is deployed, more than just their relationship is at risk...

Cozy up to this delightful twist on You've Got Mail set in the snowy escape of Deep Haven.

My Review:

I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to get enough visiting Deep Haven and all of the old & new characters who show up on the scene. What I need is for the creator of Deep Haven to create a family tree that includes not only the family, but ex girlfriends & boyfriends as well as friends and other large families like the Dahlquists.

In Vivian's story we all could tell how much Nick liked her, but she just wasn't that into him. Now he got his own story. If you like a story where characters feel like they have to constantly prove themselves to others, but end up seeing they never needed to, then this would be a great story for you.

Nick feels like the town joke, and it's easy to see why. He didn't go into the family business and how many people dream of sled dog racing? Then there's Jae. She's new to town, has a mixed heritage, and is pretty much on the petite size. She's definitely out to prove herself. A history with her extended family has shown that this needs to be done. One would think these two are on a collision course!

I enjoyed the flow of the story and how all of the pieces came together. While it stuck to the CRT crew, because Jae is their new chopper pilot, I loved how Nick's dog sledding was woven in. It doesn't seem like it would make sense, but it fit perfectly from beginning to end. 

I always say that if you want a sense of what it's like to live in MN, you need to read the books in the Deep Haven Collection. The authors all grasp it fully! I'll be adding a quote so you'll see what I mean. Be sure to check that out!

About the Authors:

Susan May Warren is the USA Today best-selling novelist of 80 books. With more than 1.5 million books in print, she is beloved by reviewers and readers around the world. Visit Susan at Want more of Deep Haven? Book 2: Can't Buy Me Love (March, 2021) Book 3: Crazy for You (May, 2021) Book 4: Coming Soon Book 5: Coming Soon Book 6: Coming Soon

Michelle Sass Aleckson lives the country life in central Minnesota with her own hero and their four kids. She loves rocking out to 80's music on a Saturday night and getting lost in good stories-especially stories that shine grace. And if you're wondering, yes, Sass is her maiden name. Visit Michelle at


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