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Her Darling Mr. Day By Grace Hitchcock

Her Darling Mr. Day
by Grace Hitchcock
Publisher: Bethany House
Series: American Royalty
ISBN: 9780764237980

My introduction to Grace Hitchcock's writing last year with the first book in this series made me a huge fan of her writing! Of course, I HAD to join her launch team for book two. She sent me her book for review.


New Orleans' most eligible bachelor insists he's not on the market . . . but he couldn't be more wrong.

Jilted in front of all New York, Theodore Day decides to lose himself in his family's luxury riverboat business in New Orleans and compete against his brother to become the next company head. The brother with the most sales by summer's end will win the position. Thanks to Theodore's fame as a suitor in a socialite's outlandish competition to find a husband, he has become very desirable royalty in Southern society and thus has an advantage.

It took Flora Wingfield's best work to convince her family to summer in New Orleans, but with Teddy Day a bachelor once again, she's leaving nothing to chance. Desperate to stand out from all the clamoring belles, Flora attempts a bold move that goes completely awry, only to find it's her interior design skills that finally catch his notice.

But when Flora's father's matchmaking schemes come in the way of her plans, Teddy will have to decide where his happiness truly lies and what he is willing to sacrifice for it.

My Review:

What a great second installment to this series. I had high expectations for Her Darling Mr. Day after thoroughly enjoying My Dear Miss Dupré. I remember feeling so bad for Teddy Day after Willow chose Cullen over him and that he deserved his own story!

Flora, while I understand her heart and desire, is a bit immature and selfish with her choices. I know, it's hard to say that because unlike her sister, Tacy (don't get me started on that pain in the behind), she truly cares about Teddy. Her methods leave quite a bit to be desired, while proving amusing and effective. Flora may not agree with me, but she has a bit of Penelope in her! Yes, I just said that. lol You'll have to read the story and let me know if you agree.

And then poor Teddy. With two rejections his pride is hurt and is a bit jaded when it comes to love. This guy who just wants to experience love has been jilted twice and it's clear he can't trust his heart. That being said, it doesn't keep the eligible ladies from chasing him down with great gusto in hopes of gaining his attention.

As with book one, there are many men after the heart and inheritance of the Wingfield daughters, of which 4 are of age for marriage. I have to admit, their father's push to marry them off was frustrating, but reminiscent of the time. He was the head of the home and the family fortune, and he was determined to make good matches for his daughters.

There were a good handful of ladies I glared at every time they came up on the page and certainly a couple of gentlemen I felt the same way about. Like with Willow's story though, there was another character who I ended up liking and was in the running for Flora's hand.

I loved Auntie Violet. I would've loved having someone like her in my life like Flora was blessed with. Her example to Flora in regards to God's leading was so sweet and loving. Having an older woman turning a heart & mind toward God's Word is always such a plus for me in a story.

Another delightful story and I can't wait for book three and who might be the main characters!

About the Author:

Grace Hitchcock ( is the author of multiple historical novels and novellas. She holds a master's degree in creative writing and a bachelor of arts in English with a minor in history. Grace lives in the New Orleans area with her husband, Dakota, and their son and daughter.


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