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Dream Of Kings By Sharon Hinck

Dream of Kings
by Sharon Hinck
Publisher: Enclave
ISBN: 9798886050080

Having been a long time fan of Sharon Hinck, I was excited to learn about her newest release! Being blessed to be on her launch team, I was sent an ebook ARC of Dream of Kings!


The Future Never Sleeps

In the glacial nation of Norgard, Jolan the Dream Teller serves every seeker, whether peasant or high lord. Though she loves using her gift, she struggles to navigate the corrupt and dangerous court and the jealousies of the Guildagard. 

When an old man’s nightmare imparts a dire warning, Jolan realizes her entire nation is in danger. But before she can sound the alarm, she is betrayed by the guilds and sold into slavery in a rival kingdom far to the south. As a slave in a foreign land, at first Jolan can’t see beyond her singular focus: return home to warn Norgard of the coming calamity. After facing new dangers, making new friends, and forgiving old wrongs, she must fulfill the purposes the Provider has set before her. 

Only then can she face a decision that could cost her the man she loves, her calling, and her freedom—all to save a people who abandoned her.

My Review:

What a fantastic story!! Sharon Hinck does such a fantastic job in this genre. I absolutely loved Dream of Kings!

So, I'll admit that it took a little time to realize that Jolan's life has parallel lines to Joseph's in the Bible. It's subtle initially. You probably won't realize it at first, but there was a spot where a light bulb switched on and it all became clear. When that happened I looked forward with eagerness to see how the rest of the story was similar.

Jolan is traded to a far away country and watching her struggle to accept her new reality is hard, but seeing glimpses of the Lord (Provider) gives many moments of hope. There are so many ways Jolan is relatable. We all struggle with trust and faith in our walks with God. He has also gifted us in different ways like Jolan. She's able to interpret dreams. 

As she's trying to figure out a way to get home, as with Joseph, she's called upon to interpret dreams. I'm telling you, it makes me giddy thinking about Jolan's story in light of Joseph's. 

I also loved this world that the author has created. From the colorful ribbons in the sky, to the different nationalities, and to the various lands, it all comes alive through the author's writing. We see how idols are worshipped and how hard it can be for Truth to break through to stubborn hearts.

And can I just say how refreshing it is for a ruler's wife to show kindness? So often, these women are portrayed as evil and ruthless, and while I'm sure Lily is a master manipulator (I mean, wait until you read her storyline) this character wasn't that way! I also loved the dynamic between Jolan and Siverlon. She's her sometimes awkward self and he's, well, the king. I can't forget Kamor! He's a man's man, a warrior, and the king's right hand man. I thoroughly enjoyed his character.

I know it's a standalone, but I'm wishing it was a series! I'm not ready to leave this fantasy world because it was so enjoyable.

About the Author:

Award-winning author of The Sword of Lyric series, Sharon Hinck writes “stories for the hero in all of us” about women on extraordinary adventures of faith. Her novels are praised for their authentic characters, strong spiritual themes, and emotional resonance. For her latest series, The Dancing Realms, she drew on her experience as a ballet teacher, dancer, and choreographer.


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