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The Unbroken Song By Jennifer Q. Hunt

The Unbroken Song
by Jennifer Q. Hunt
Publisher: Blue Spring Books
Series: Sorrow & Song
ISBN: 979-8839039650

I was so thankful when Jennifer asked me if I would review her book! I've read two in the series (I missed book 1) and was thrilled to read the prequel. She sent me the book for review!


Coming from opposite worlds, what could possibly unite them?

Rejected, frustrated, and no longer confident about God's plan for his life, John Sweet takes a year-long assignment in Atlanta, Georgia. The city is bustling with preparations for the Cotton States and International Exposition to be held in the autumn of 1895. Sarah Fuller is also new to the city but trying desperately to make a home for her lonely father and motherless little sister. When a special assignment for the Exposition puts John and Sarah in close contact, they discover that while their pasts are completely different, their future dreams are much the same. As their families create obstacles and opposition, will they be able to find a way forward together?

At Christmas 1945, with her family still reeling from the changes brought by the Second World War, "Grandma Sarah" tells her teenage granddaughter about the year that changed her life. Can her simple story bring the healing and perspective they both need to embrace a different future than they had planned?

This standalone Christmas prequel to the 
Sorrow and Song Trilogy will transport you back to a Victorian Christmas, when the world was very different, yet the same longing for peace and purpose resounded in every heart.

My Review:

The Unbroken Song was absolutely wonderful!! If you've ever wanted a book cover to give off Christmas vibes, this one will do it for you! I can't stop looking at it. That being said, the story is much more than just at Christmas. It actually covers almost an entire year.

It was simply wonderful getting to know Sarah as a young girl and how she ended up meeting John Sweet. Sarah had such a hard life with her mama passing away while she was still a girl and having to become the "woman" of the home. Her little sister, Helen, drove me crazy! Her father, while he clearly loved her, seemed to barely function. Needless to say, their move to Atlanta was fortuitous.

And poor John. Here's a guy who only wants to serve the Lord and keeps getting knocked down at every turn. I felt terrible for him until he met Sarah. Then I couldn't wait to see how their story unfolded.

There are a couple of wretched characters in this story, so if you like authors who write characters you like to dislike, Jennifer does it well!! To say there were a few times my blood boiled would be putting it mildly. In both instances I appreciated John's responses.

The thread of faith poured into this story is absolutely wonderful. Both of the main characters struggle in different ways with their faith and trust in the Lord. Through those struggles we're able to see them grow as well as make an impact on those around them because of their faith! What could be better?!

While I have a couple of the books in this series on my shelves, they're ALL going to be must-haves for my shelves!

*I received this book for review. This is my personal opinion.

About the Author:

For history tidbits, deleted scenes, and more "extras" as well as information about upcoming releases, visit or follow Jennifer on Facebook at Jennifer Q. Hunt, Author or Instagram

Jennifer Hunt has been writing her whole life, ever since she took crayons to tablet paper to write "The Princess is Saved" and brought it in to kindergarten Show and Tell! Throughout the years, Jennifer has written short stories, articles, and dramatic scripts. She has used her writing abilities to further the ministries of the churches and organizations where she has worked vocationally and/or volunteered.

Some Through the Fire was written over the course of many years and included meticulous research--even trips to the Atlanta History Center and the Library of Congress. The idea for the story first came out of a homeschool high school assignment and developed throughout the following many years. The sequel, Great Waters, was written in the midst of marriage and mothering, with a lot of the editing done on her iPhone late at night or with a kid sitting in her lap!

Jennifer's current projects include a series of novellas, the "Hawthorn Valley Tales," as well as developing a concluding book to the Sweet Family trilogy. She has a heart for the forgotten heroes of American history and bringing their stories to life for future generations to cherish. 

(Finally) married at almost 32 years of age to the love of her life, Jennifer is now a homeschool mom to four children under ten. "As the Apostle Paul said, they are my 'letter of recommendation, written on our hearts, to be known and read by all,'" Jennifer explained. "My greatest goal in these years is to love these little ones to Christ and train them to follow Him all the days of their lives."


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