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Artza Holy Land Christmas Box

Tis the holidays and it's the perfect time to learn more about Artza box subscriptions. I was recently sent the Christmas box for review and it has oodles of amazing items that brings Israel into your home. As a heads up and something you don't want to miss out on - you can get 25% off your annual subscription using my affiliate link below. AND, when you order your annual subscription, you'll get a 5th box FREE!!

When Artza sends me their boxes, I love to take a deeper look into each of the artisans. Let me introduce you to the items in the Christmas box first and then we can get to know a few of the artisans better!
  • Carob syrup - A uniquely israeli sticky spread accompanied with a special Israel Christmas recipe. made by a collective that works with and supports jews, Christians, and Muslim women together.
  • Bedouin tea blend - this thousand-year-old  traditional tea blend is from a family run business just outside of Nazareth, which uses Israel's finest locally grown herbs and spices.
  • Lavender winter body butter - pamper and nourish your skin with this rich all-natural body butter, lovingly made by Alma.
  • Olive wood nativity - perfect to hang on your wall all year round, and on your Christmas tree. Carved by local Bethlehem Christian craftsman. 
  • Lavender toffee - bouth-wateringly delicious toffee. Produced by Oded with the help of young adults with down syndrome.
  • Star of David Christmas ornament - hand carved from olive trees that have been locally grown for over 150 years and was produced by a third-generation locally run Bethlehem family business.
  • Topographical Galilee candle - your all-natural beeswax candles are made suing topographically accurate imaging of the Sea of Galilee and its surrounding mountains.
For Premium Subscribers:
  • Hebrew table blessing runner - bless your table with this exclusively designed heat-insulating table runner - with a Hebrew blessing over food at its center. Bring the blessings of Israel to your table wherever you are.
First, let's meet Gorin who created the Topographical Galilean candle. He studied landscape using topographical maps when he was in military training. He experimented using a 3D printer creating mini terrains. That's where he leaned candles are a great medium!

Next is Adi & Oren who made the Winter Nights lavender body butter. Alma is their firstborn daughter and Adi decided to create her own line of natural products. She started to create all-natural soaps. baby salve, body lotions, and more in her home kitchen. When people started asking for them, Alma Soap was born!

Then there's George. He's a descendent of an olive wood carver. His work illustrates the stories of the Bible in many ways including Christmas ornament like the ones he specially handcrafted for Artza. They're made from 400-year-old olive trees!

Lastly, we meet Oded. He used to be a professional basketball player in Israel. One of his dreams was to become one of Israel's best artisanal chocolate makers. Some of his staff includes young adults with developmental challenges, down-syndrome, or autism. The lavender Oded used for the lavender toffee comes from the Mediterranean. It's DE-LISH!

In my Christmas box I also received a card with a recipe for Crinkle Carob Cookies. I appreciate these recipes so much. Left to my own devices, I would probably have no idea how to use these goodies properly. As soon as I opened the box and went through all of the items, I checked out my cupboards and saw that I had all of the ingredients to make the cookies!

Houston, we have a problem... these cookies are dangerous. I couldn't believe how soft they were. And the flavor makes me want to shove another one in my mouth before I've finished the one I'm already eating. I think the only thing I'd do differently next time is roll the dough more in the powdered sugar. This recipe that came with the box only makes about 18 depending on how small you roll the balls. Trust me, you want to make this recipe!

Our Monday night Bible Study is going to enjoy this Bedouin Tea Blend. This is the same blend of herbs the Israelites would have enjoyed in the ancient period of the Bible. The three Biblical herbs: sage, hyssop, and zuta are included in this tea. It has a very aromatic scent.

This is the Star of David Christmas ornament. On one of the star carvings pieces, "Bethlehem" is written on it. I love the personal touch as it's hand written. I've already hung it on my tree.

Click on the photo below so you can zoom in on the table runner. It's absolutely STUNNING! It's going to live on my table forever! If you know anything about me, you know I love birds and flowers. This runner is heat-insulated & is easy to clean. The texture of it reminds me of a computer mouse pad. That rubbery feel. Anyhow, the blessing in the middle says, "Blessed are you, our God, who feeds the entire world through Your goodness, with kindness, and graciousness." This is made by Hadarya.

Now, while I've already broken into the toffee (can you blame me?) and I've opened the tea (which will be served at Bible study) I think some of the other items will make fantastic gifts so that others can get a hands on experience with something from my Artza box. I'm more than happy to share my goodies. Well, aside from the table runner. That's never leaving.

You have two subscription options for receiving the Artza box. First is the Basic box which will give you up to 8 different items curated specifically for Artza. The Premium subscription box gives up to 9 items for the full Israel experience. Today's the perfect day to start your subscription!


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