Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Estuary By Lisa T. Bergen

by Lisa T. Bergren
Publisher: Enclave
Series: Oceans of Time
ISBN: 9798886050462

If you're going to judge a book by it's cover, you'd do well choosing that option with this book! I definitely wanted to read it, but when the author shockingly reached out to me offering her book for review, I was floored. I definitely didn't say, "No," so she sent me her book!


Can a family bond stand the test of time?

Lady Tiliani Forelli is the epitome of the She-Wolves who raised her, an adept archer with a mind of her own. It is long past time for her to wed, but she deems each young lord who comes to bid for her hand lacking. With battles upon their border, and rumors of war growing louder on every front, Lady Forelli’s decision could secure her kingdom’s peace…or bring about its destruction.

Centuries later, history major Luciana Betarrini takes a summer job alongside her twin, Domenico, as a period actor at Castello Forelli in Italy. As incoming college seniors, this might be their last chance to spend meaningful time together, so she’s soaking up every minute. But when Dom’s theory that their lost Bettarini relatives have traveled through time becomes potentially real—and they might be able to follow—Luci fears they’ll be forever divided.

My Review:

Estuary is actually a quick read, but I was on full time grandma duty which lent very little time to reading for the whole week.

Having only read the author's contemporary stories, I wasn't sure what the transition to fantasy would be like. I know she's written in this genre in the past, I just hadn't read it. Turns out, the author is one of those people who can smoothly transition from one genre to another.

While this would probably be considered general fantasy, I think it fits well with ya fantasy. Really, anyone who enjoys the genre and time travel will want to pick it up.

In present time we meet Nico and Luci, college age siblings, who are in Tuscany for the summer. They know about some family members who disappeared, but none of the family knows what happened. Their search leads them to some crazy times ahead!

Then we're immediately thrust into 1372 Toscana where we meet Lady Tiliani Forelli and her family. It was impressive to see this time and place come alive through the author's writing! You could feel the tight bond the family had even though they were a mishmash of members. I really loved seeing them through Luci's eyes. It's that tightness one dreams of when they've never had it.

SO many things happen along the way through the story. The family and those who live at the castle are on the brink of war. Events keep popping up to throw the Forelli into a bad light to the cities around them. People being held for ransom, forbidden love, new love, the wisdom and strength of the She-Wolves, and hard choices come up for each of the characters. There's also a pretty fascinating twist with some of the family members.

Thankful that there's a good thread of faith in the story and the wisdom shared by Gabi and Lia with Tiliani and Luci.

The only cruddy part of this book? Having to wait for the story to continue in the next one! The end is one heck of a cliffhanger. GAH!

About the Author:

Lisa T. Bergren is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than 40 books, with over 3 million copies sold. Her time is split between managing home base, writing, and working at Rocky Mountain Rustic, a business she runs with her husband, Tim. Tim’s a worship leader and sculptor/artisan. They have three kids and make their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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