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Lone Star Sweetheart By Shannon Sue Dunlap

Lone Star Sweetheart
by Shannon Sue Dunlap
Publisher: Scrivenings Press
Series: Sweetheart Series
ISBN: 978-1649172860

It was so fun to hear from the author asking if I would join her launch team for her debut novel. Reading what the story was about and seeing the cover, I couldn't resist. I was thrilled when she went me her book for this review.


Katherine Bruno’s passionate, unfiltered temper makes her the shrew of small-town Sweetheart, Texas. When she’s drafted to help the mayor’s wife run against her own husband, Katherine meets opposing big city political consultant Ryan Park. The good-looking, flirtatious campaign manager gets under her skin, but fraternizing with the enemy is off-limits.

Katherine must battle her lack of experience, campaign sabotage, and her growing feelings for Ryan as she strives to succeed. His unprejudiced acceptance of her strong-willed character beckons her heart, but his jaded rejection of God is an insurmountable barrier. Will Ryan return to his faith and stay with her in Sweetheart or leave when the election ends?

My Review:

What a super cute story! It was so fun being introduced to this author's writing.

First of all, the cover is adorable! There's no denying that. We're introduced to lifelong Sweetheart resident, Katherine Bruno. She's just been let go from her job and has no idea what's just around the corner for her. I liked her immediately. I think, because I relate to her unfiltered temper, I could understand her struggles with her unruly mouth!

The storyline was pretty amusing, with a little mystery thrown in to keep it moving along. The mayor and his wife are running against each other for the next election and it has the town divided. The mayor's wife convinces Katherine to be her campaign manager, which is a great fit because of her tenacity. Along comes hotshot, NYC Ryan Park who has been hired by the mayor to manage his campaign.

This is definitely a forced-proximity type of romance. The way that part of the story plays out is hilarious. This story would be perfect for a GAC movie. Ryan and Katherine get underneath each other's skin, but it also draws them to each other. It was so fun watching them work (and fight) together.

I really liked the faith part of the story. It wasn't heavy handed, but it was an important thread in the story. That comes along towards the middle/closer to the end, but I appreciated how it all played out with the main characters.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the series!

About the Author:

Shannon Sue Dunlap lives in hot and humid Houston, Texas where she writes stories with a dose of laughter and a spoonful of love. Shannon loves traveling, chocolate, Jane Austen, and Jesus. She's a big fan of happy endings and believes the heavenly Father has tailor-made one for each of us. You can find out more at


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