Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barlowgirl ~ Never Alone video

Barlowgirl is one of my all time top favorite bands. The way these sisters harmonize is fantastic. The messages in the songs they sing are beyond powerful.

If you have a daughter, get them connected to Barlowgirl in their early teens! These 3 sisters speak to a girl's heart. They know girls struggle with their looks, feelings of being loved, what their worth is, wanting to find a boy etc.

Every song on their first self titled album rocks! It debuted a number of years ago, but I never tire of it. I know my 17 yr old daughter has their next album and they've just premiered their first Christmas album with some new Christmas songs.

Like Jeremy Camp, each of Barlow's songs have a message. They aren't just worship songs. Like this one, Never Alone, they start off singing, "Why, why are you still here with me, didn't you see what I've done? In my shame I want to run, and hide myself. but it's here I see the truth. I don't deserve you, but I need you to love me." The rest of their songs follow suit. Which one of us doesn't want to run away from a holy God when we know the things we do about ourselves?

BarlowGirl rocks! They know their audience and speak to them. They dress in a way that girls who aren't Christian can relate...young. They also dress in a way that Christian girls can follow, which is modestly. They practice what they preach. How refreshing.

I wish that I had an endless supply of their CD's because I'd carry them around with me and just hand them out to every adolescent girl I came into contact with! :) Enjoy this video.

Apparently someone is going through YouTube and deleting the videos that Christian singers have up there. Could be them or their record company. So, now this one is gone as well. I'll upload a different one that's live and I don't care for as much, but at least it still gives you them singing their awesome song!


Donna said...

I love the Barlowe Girls as does my daughter. They are great!

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