Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Point of Grace singing How You Live

I have been a fan of Point of Grace for at least 13 yrs. So many of their songs are poignant and touch our hearts. This song is probably one of my favorite PoG songs.

I've heard people say for years that we shouldn't use our good dishes only when guests come over, we should use them every day. I suppose if I got them out and put them with my other dishes, I would use them. Yet, in my china hutch they sit.

How You Live will encourage you to look at your every day life in a new way, hopefully. Can we make everything we do count? I know we're not perfect, but is there some way we can ask God to give us His eyes in the everyday things? Think of the impact we could have on those closest to us.

"dance with your wife, tell your husband you love him every night."

I want to apologize because YouTube deleted the music video that PoG created and I had downloaded to my blog. So, I've grabbed a different video of them singing live. I love their music video of the song and if you have the chance to see it, I would encourage you to watch it.


Patty said...

I love Point of Grace. I first saw them at the first Women of Faith converence I went to many years ago, I can't even remember how many. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs as well. It is so poignant. We just listened to it on YouTube and were singing right along. Thanks for reminding me. Now I can add it to my iPod with the card I got for Christmas.


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