Saturday, December 6, 2008

Faith in Fiction Saturday

Today's question is inspired by a conversation Lilly started over at Book Blogs. What do you think about labeling books as Christian fiction? As you know, the range of spiritual content in Christian books varies tremendously. Some books barely even mention God while others use a lot of Scripture. Do you think Christian fiction books should be in a separate section of the bookstore or library? Do you think this limits who might read these books? Do you have any idea of how they could be arranged differently? And a little off topic but do you have a preference about whether or not books have a lot of spiritual content or only a little?

At my library our books are all lumped together. That's fine by me. It's easy enough to find what I'm looking for. Our library is pretty tiny though.

When it comes to being at a bookstore, I appreciate having a Christian section to go to. I believe that if we're buying a book, we should be able to go to the genre of our choice and find whatever we're looking for. I prefer not having to peruse all the secular books. I guess it does, to a degree limit who reads these books because someone who doesn't read Christian books won't "accidently" end up with it in their purchases. One would have to intentionally purchase a Christian novel.

When it comes to content, if it is labeled a Christian book, I don't mind how much or how little spiritual content is included. I know that the author is going to adhere to a moral and ethical code for a specific audience. I don't have to worry about the content, for the most part. I know that some publishing houses are allowing certain aspects of the secular world (such as sex) into their novels so I think down the road, the secular/Christian line could become blurred. I understand the authors and publishers are using the "excuse" that they're trying to reach the unsaved, well then do it under a different label. This is all MHO. :)

I enjoy both books that have scripture to back up their story line and ones that are there without heavy bible thumping and are simply a good story. I read Christian books for a reason. They're not like secular fiction. I read enough of that in my teen years to last a lifetime. I enjoy a good Christian romance without all the sex. Oh, there's sexual tension, and coming close to crossing the line, but typically the author stays true to our shared beliefs. I love the historical genre of Christian fiction along with chick-lit. I have even started dabbling in Christian fantasy which may seem like an oxymoron, but these talented authors are getting it done! The only type of fiction I've had a hard time with is horror. I just can't tolerate it because I'm a big chicken!

I appreciate Christian authors and the gift that the Lord has given them. I hope Christian publishing houses stay true to their roots and don't allow the line in the sand to become blurred. Christian labels can give the world of readers so much hope and point them to the One who has given them their gift.


Pam said...

I love the historical romance genre of Christian fiction. There is plenty of romance but without the explicit scenes.
I hope the line between secular and Christian doesn't become blurred either.

Nise' said...

What are some of your recommendations for Christian Fantasy? This is one genre I have not read.

Anonymous said...

"I appreciate Christian authors and the gift that the Lord has given them."

Me too. Good answer to Amy's Q for today.

Mine is at:

SmilingSally said...

I understand what you mean by Christian fantasy, as I recently read Sharon Hinck's The Restorer's Son--great read, too!

Sunny said...

Oh yes! I could ditto your whole post!

Amy said...

I don't think I've read any explicit sex in books from the major houses. Interesting.

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