Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday Book Giveaway Day 3

We're on day three of my All Week Giveaway! Our next set of books up for grabs are:

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Alison Bottke and This Side of Heaven by Karen Kingsbury.

To win this set of books, tell me the craziest thing you've ever done in public (as long as it's G-rated!). I will draw a random comment.

My sister-in-law, Liz, brings out the goofy in me. If there's a song on in a public setting that we both know, neither of us has a problem doing some boogie-ing or singing along. I'll even call her in the middle of the grocery store if I hear a fabulous song from the 70's or 80's that I just have to share with her!
You know the drill. Leave me your email address before 9pm. US Residents only because I can't afford to send it anywhere else at this time. Sorry. If you'd like an extra entry, post about my giveaway this week on your blog. You can also go to one of my last 2 bday giveaways, copy the picture, make a link and put up a button for the rest of the week. If you do, leave me a comment.

Thanks for visiting.


Carmen said...

While walking in the mall here, they had a program for kids. It was just ending with one really upbeat song. So I'm jigging and jogging to the music, laughing out loud, singing along, as my hubbie walks away from me as though he didn't know me. Music gets me started EVERY time. Hubbie is pretty stoic and proper in public. I let it all hang out and have a fun time!
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Mimi N said...

hahahaha!! Our poor families, Carmen! We'd make a grand trio at a mall: you, me and my sister-in-law! My kids mortification is priceless. :)

~Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Mimi!

I remember being at Costco a long time ago. Somehow a song from the Little Mermaid starting playing and I started singing along. Of course my daughter was totally embarassed, but a total strange said, "That sounded pretty good".

I wonder if they will include Disney songs in Karoake on the Heavenly Daze Cruise.

Mimi N said...

Linda won today's giveaway. Thank you both so much for visiting my blog!! Congrats.


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