Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! 2 Book Giveaway

The two books I will be giving away are by a couple of my favorite authors. I'd like to start by thanking Jim at Bethany House for providing these books for my Birthday Bash on my Blog! My first book that I'm giving away is Letter Perfect by Cathy Marie Hake. The second book is by Julie Klassen Lady of Milkweed Manor. Cathy is well known for her hysterical historical novels and Julie has had great success with her Regency novels! I've loved both of her books!

To win today's books, just tell me what the best birthday is you've ever had. I will randomly pick a winner.

My best bday was a couple years ago when my girls threw me my one and only surprise party! It was amazing and overwhelming. They were only 13 and 15 yrs old! How cool is that? It's very rare that anyone can surprise me, but they pulled it off along with my girlfriends who where in cahoots with my girls.

When you leave a comment be sure to leave me your email address so I can get hold of you if you win. If you'd like an extra chance at winning, share about my giveaway and the link on your blog, FB, Twitter, or anywhere else then leave me a comment so I can give you your extra entry. At this time I can only ship books in the US. Thank you for understanding. The giveaway will end at 9pm Thursday night.


Carmen said...

I'm always pulling tricks on my hubbie for his bd's. He did one back on me, and I had to stand on a chair with a most ridiculous hat while the waitstaff sang happy birthday. But it hasn't stopped me from continuing to pull pranks on people. Please enter me in your contest for both books. I've not read either author. Thanks!!

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Crystal Laine said...

Happy birthday, Mimi!

These are such great books! I've read both of them.What a great idea to give away books for your birthday! I love that idea and will be stealing it for my December birthday. LOL.

Hope your day is full of the joy you show to others here.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

The best birthday I ever had? I can't remember. Probably one of my teenage ones. I can remember the best mother's day, because my husband gave me tickets to see Mikhail Baryshnikov. Does that count? LOL!!

Holly said...

My best birthday... when I was 14 my two best friends showed up to give me a "surprise" birthday party. It was my only surprise party and it meant a lot to me.

I hope you have a very special day!

Esme said...

From one July 15 b'day girl to another Happy B'Day

Best birthday-when I was seven my mum had my bedroom decorated for me when I woke up. I still remember that day.

chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com

Esme said...

Happy b'day from one July 15 b'day girl to another.

best birthday-when I was seven my mum had my bedroom decorated for me when I woke up.

chocolateandcroissants at yahoo dot com

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Happy Birthday! May your day be allll about YOU! :)
I have read Letter Perfect and loved it, but haven't had the chance to read Julie Klassen's book. It looks wonderful!
I'm going to Tweet about your giveaway. Twitter name:sherrinda


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm not much of a "birthday girl." I try to make sure no one knows the date and then I like to remind them a few days later! Strange?

Lady of the Milkweed Manor is a fabulous book. I loved it. She's such a great writer. I'd love a chnace to win these two.

ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

Jo said...

My best birthday was a few years ago when we went to visit the family in Florida. I not only got to spend my birthday with my hubby but with my daughter and her family as well as our great granddaughter. We took everyone out to a dinner theater for the evening and had so much fun.


Mimi N said...

Carmen, that's fatastic! One time I saw my friend at Olive Garden and told the waitstaff it was her bday (which it was but I didn't know it) and I had them go sing to her!!! She never knew it was me.


Mimi N said...

Crystal, you may steal away sister! Thank you for the good wishes.

Holly, I loved my surprise party, too!

Esme, I can't even imagine having my room redone! That's amazing! If my girls were little, I'd do that! Happy birthday to you, too!

Sherrinda, I loved Letter Perfect and if you win I know you'll enjoy Julie's book. Will give you a second entry for posting on Twitter!

Jo, sounds like your FL bday was so special. I hope some day to get the chance to do something like that!


CarlybirdH said...

I would have to say that my best birthday was a few years ago when my husband and I went to Boston to visit my brother. We had such a good time and I loved seeing my brother who I rarely get to see.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Julie Lessman said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRLFRIEND!!! Birthdays aren't too bad when you look like you do, sweetie!

My favorite birthday? That would be my 47th ... when my millionaire sister gave me and my husband Keith a bed and breakfast getaway to an exclusive and charming rustic retreat that was featured in Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. It started off with a seven-course gourmet dinner in a log cabin with real candle chandeliers instead of electric lights. It was absolutely AMAZING and something I will never forget!

Don't enter me in the contest, though, because I already own both Lady of Milkweek Manor and Letter Perfect and loved them both.


cozymysterygirl said...

These books sound wonderful.I would love to read new authors and than share them with others.please include me in this giveaway

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mimi, thank you for your help. Well, I don't have a wealthy sister or a wealthy anybody for that matter. But my favorite thing to do as a 68 year old grandmother is READ,,,,Christian fiction is the best. It takes everyday problems and finds God breathed solutions and I love that. It takes the controversial things happening today and with the amazing research done by the authors can give you a REAL look into it. I am grateful to all of you very talented people who have given me years of love, laughter, murder, mayhem (sp?) and so very often a blessing and encouragement because God is in every book.
Thank you,

Mimi N said...

Jo won todays books. Tomorrow is my last day of giveaways! Blessings,

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