Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Born Again by Third Day

Born Again is a song that penetrates deep into my soul. I hear it and the music compels me to listen every time!

Today I found myself
After searching all these years
And the man that I saw,
he wasn't at all who I thought he'd be
I was lost when You found me here
And I was broken beyond repair
Then You came along and
You sang Your song over me

I think so often that I'm still not who God wants me to be. Will there be a day when I "get it" and I find myself, the one He wants me to be. Will there be that moment when I think, "Oh my goodness, how was I missing this all this time?"

I also love the thought of God singing a song over me. The love that I imagine is overwhelming. Like wanting to sing a song of blessing over my children.

I pray this song speaks to your searching heart. If you find yourself searching for One who knows your heart my hope is that you hear Him through the words of this song.


Christina Ketchum said...

I posted this song on my Facebook 2 days ago! I just love it!

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