Saturday, September 19, 2009

Down Home Country Time

Jake and I went to the Chuckwagon dinner at church tonight. A gal at church decided a few years ago to introduce the people in our church to other nationalities through cooking and speakers.

I've eaten Vietnamese, Native American, and Historically Western cuisine. So far, each meal has been enlightening. Liz typically has a speaker or teaches us about the culture as we're learning about each portion of the meal. Tonight the Associate Pastor told cowboy jokes.

Tonight's Chuckwagon dinner had everything you can imagine from the wagon train time. Instead of a campfire, we had grills. :) While we ate, the band "Seldom Herd" played old country hymns and songs.

Our first course was the Best Ever Texas Caviar. To me it tasted like salsa, and it was fantastic! Then came the authentic Corny Corn Bread. It was cooked in a dutch oven and got a bit crispy on the outside. I've never actually had corn bread with corn in it. Next came the main course of pork chops or New York Steaks with Grilled Veggies and Baked Beans. Ugh, it was all so divine. To end our scrumptious meal, we had Apple Crisp. That turned out very well!!
I wish families would've brought their children. I had Jake and I was so glad to spend some time with him, but I think he would've had more fun if he could've bummed around with some friends for a bit.

I invited my friend, Jackie, and I think she had a good time. She knew some of the people there, but isn't quite the social butterfly I am. Another friend showed up on her horse along with another gal on her horse. I have NO idea how she knew about the cookout at the church! Anyhow, Angie let me ride her new horse and I was in Heaven (until my allergies kicked in after I rubbed my eyes)!! I'm tellin' ya, I'm made to live on a ranch!

I have to make a point of spending more time doing activities like this individually with my boys. Tonight was a great way to just about end the summer!


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