Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dontcha Love A GIVEAWAY?

So, lately I've been checking out new websites and have come across some amazing giveaways. Most of them I'm entering to try and win Christmas gifts. This year will be another frugal Christmas. I figured, what better way to be frugal than to try and win some of those gifts? Who knows, maybe I'll win the lottery of website giveaways and furnish everyone with gifts I've won!

To kick things off, I wanted to tell you about a website that I found through another website ( It's called Penelope's Oasis. She has some fabulous giveaways, one's you wouldn't typically find. Don't tell my daughter but I entered to win her an apron. Now, it's not just any apron, it's an Original Party Pink apron. I tell you, that girl is girly and into pink!

The creators giving away these aprons is called Flirty Aprons. It looks like you're wearing a scrapbook page. To me, that's a good thing. Head over and check out their awesome and fun selection!

Now, you may wonder why my 18 yr old daughter would want an apron. I haven't seen a teenager wear an apron...well since I don't know when. Well, I can honestly say that my daughter has already been wearing an apron that her dorm neighbor shared with her.

She is in a dorm room with 2 other girls. The dorm is 20 yrs old, but has a small stove/oven, mini fridge, and their own bathroom. She loves to bake cookies! So, to win this apron would be so exciting for her...honestly! The one she's wearing in the picture is one her neighbor's (pic from a couple weeks ago).

If you'd like the chance to win an apron either for yourself or as a gift, head to Penelope's Oasis and check it out. She also has some other fantastic giveaways you might be interested in!


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