Friday, October 9, 2009

Field Trips = Fun

The last week of September I went with Jacob on his 5th grade trip to Ney Park. I haven't been there since Brieanne was in 5th grade. The nature walk is awesome! I've always loved going with my kids on field trips. It's always such a blessings.

Well, Jake is on the Year Book committee this year and I handed off my camera to him to take pictures. He did a great job. I let my boys use my camera as long as they carry it around their necks. The following are some of Jake's great photos:
Checking out water from 2 different lakes
We learned about Mushrooms and fungus' and Jake got a great pic of one in a tree

The chapel at Ney Park

I want to thank Jacob for taking such great pictures and for letting me go on his field trip. I love that he's still young enough to enjoy having mom on his field trip.


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