Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Mom Song by Go Fish

I heard this song on a Christian radio station that I don't listen to that often. We have a couple of Christian stations that I listen to a bit more than this one.

Now, as for Go Fish, I've been a fan of theirs since I lived in Washington over 11 yrs ago. They are an awesome acapella group. In fact I took my girls to one of their concerts a couple years ago. They are so amazing! They have a great kids CDs as well as one for adults. Their adult songs such as "Little Girl" are beautiful!

Well, when I heard this song, my first thought was, I have got to find this video on YouTube to share with everyone! Wish I'd have heard this song back in May when it was Mothers Day, but since I have 7 months before we come back around to that special holiday, I wanted to feature it now.

This song is in honor of all the moms out there!


Silly Bus said...

Interesting Video!! Thanks for sharing with us..

Mama Bee said...

FUN! I don't think they've ever come through my area, but I know my girls would love them!! I've heard a few of their songs on the radio ("You're My Little Girl" is one that comes to mind).

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