Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Fall Leaves = Time To Play!

Every year the raking of the leaves seems to be a passage from Summer to Fall at our home. There always seems to be one day where we have major wind and the leaves fly off the trees. The next day everything seems bare!

Well, this year was different than the others because of my surgery. I couldn't rake! I figured I'd just let the leaves sit there until next Spring. The boys had other ideas! They decided to get creative with raking the leaves. My little guys started making forts. Who needs snow?! Then Ry was sick and Jake took his fort and made it into a huge mound!! Here's the results of all that hard work.

Jake got a running start and it took me about 5 tries for my camera to get the continuous shot! The 3rd shot has him just before he pops up from the somersault!

Now all we have to do is move that big pile before all my grass (at least what's left of it) dies.


Linda said...

You have quite the pile! Ours are mostly gone already.

Carole said...

Cute pictures, Mimi! It's great when work becomes play.

Shawntele said...

Leaf forts, how fun!!

Mimi N said...

Need to get pics of my Ry-guys fort in progress! That pile is actually flattened out because Jake & the neighbor kids had been playing in it for a couple of hours!


Jen said...

We bagged ours up and hauled them down to the compost. This is the first year that I can remember that the snow didn't come before we finished. It has been a lovely fall here.

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