Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's Talk Packaging

I'm not sure if this would come under the heading of "Marketing" but I received the coolest package from Southern Brand.

I opened up a box sent by FedEx from Southern Brand. When I broke into it, the first thing I saw was a swirl of raffia! On the top was a hand written postcard from Allison. Along with the hand written postcard were 4 other postcards I could use myself! The postcards are huge, 5x7.

Digging under the raffia I found my brown paper wrapped t-shirt! It all came together to give me a feel for the company and I loved it. So simple, yet very effective! Effective enough I'm doing an actual post about it.

Other companies should take note. How can you stand out with your brand? What tweeks can you make to your packaging, to your label, etc? What will make you different than every other FedEx box that shows up at my doorstep?


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