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Two Minute Warning by Bill McCartney & Aaron Fruh

Two Minute Warning

by Bill McCartney and Aaron Fruh

ISBN-13: 978-1935265009

Publisher: VMI Publishers (July 9, 2009)

Book Summary

After 13 years as the leader of the Promise Keepers movement, Coach Bill McCartney found what he believes to be the priority in the racial reconciliation movement. His new found passion lead to the establishment of a new ministry called The Road to Jerusalem that seeks to reconcile Jewish believers and Gentiles believers worldwide. In Two Minute Warning McCartney unveils the approaching revolutions that God is bringing to His church and how we can adapt to them and embrace them. Each of these revolutions has to do with the Christian church being thrust together with the Jew in the coming days. The last revolution Provision is a wonderful promise of Gods end time protection and provision for any gentile Christian willing to embrace Jews in their end time plight. He uses John 17:20-21 to illustrate that the key to world evangelism is the reconciliation of Jewish and Gentile believers and that until the two are united, Gods power can never be fully expressed in the earth. Although the support of Israel receives broad acceptance from the Christian community, this timely message goes a step beyond and gives a biblical mandate for the Church to support the believing Jew, not just the national and political entity of Israel.

About the Authors

Coach Bill McCartney is the former head football coach of the University of Colorado and the founder and former president of Promise Keepers. Currently he is the chairman of The Road to Jerusalem ministry. Aaron David Fruh is a Jewish believer and lead pastor at Knollwood Church in Mobile, Alabama. He is the author of two books The Decree of Esther and The Forgotten Blessing both published by Baker Publishing Group.

My Review

This was such an interesting and eye opening book to read. First off, let me explain that I am not a theologian. I am far from being a Bible Scholar so there is a lot of cross checking that needs to be done when it comes to the scripture included in this book for me. There was so much referencing I just didn't know!

I think many people have heard in recent years that some people are denying the murders of millions of Jews didn't happen under the Nazi regime. How that's possible is beyond me. The Holocaust happened! It would be the same as 30 yrs from now the world denying that the Iraq War ever occurred. We can never let the world change what is true history.

As we look back, it's obvious that the Jews have been attacked over and over again. I just never knew how far back this went! When we look at scripture, we see explicitly that the Jewish nation is favored by the Lord. We as Gentiles, not born into the Jewish culture, have been bought by the blood of Christ and are grafted into His family. Throughout the entire Bible it is clear that Jews will be received by God as his Chosen people.

What these authors discuss is, what are we going to do when the Jewish nation is attacked again? It's bound to happen. A dog goes back to it's vomit, that's the truth of the matter. What if they are driven out of their homeland again and atrocities are visited upon them? What will you do? What will we, as Americans do?

My pastor has always said that God favors those who stand with Israel and I believe that is the truth. If the United States ever turns against those God loves we can expect to see His hand of covering come off of us. I truly believe this.

This book was NOT an easy book to read. First of all, you probably noticed that most of my reviews are for fiction. I'm terrible at non-fiction so this book was a challenge to begin with. Then reading the first couple of chapters were so discouraging, looking back at how history has repeated itself time and time again, I wasn't sure how much more I could read. Thankfully after those first few chapters it wasn't so hard to digest what I was reading.

Part II was much more encouraging! To me, even though the authors discussed some difficult topics, I thought they did a great job of turning our hearts back to how God wants us to live! There is a lot to digest in this book, but it is soooo very good!

I would give this away but it's going to go to my book club leader and then on to my Pastor! He's just going to love this book!

I'd like to thank Arielle Roper from Bring It On Communications for my review copy of Two Minute Warning!! She's been so great (and patient) to work with!!


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