Friday, April 30, 2010

Allon by Shawn Lamb

by Shawn Lamb
ISBN: 978-1-59979-891-2
Published by Creation House, a Strang Company

About the Book:

ALLON is a fantasy tale about a kingdom groaning under the oppressive rule of King Marcellus. Yet the King is also enslaved - to the evil spirit Dagar. The entire citizenry of ALLON holds fast to the prophecy that a new ruler will come, brought by the Guardians. He will bring peace. He will bring justice. He will bring love.

"He" is teenager Prince Ellis, an exile from ALLON who faces trials to prove himself able to rule ALLON and return it to glory. Ultimately, Prince Ellis must defeat Marcellus and the power behind the throne before ALLON can be restored.

ALLON - a magical tale of adventure, destiny, and faith.

My Review:

This is such an adventure book! I haven't finished all of it, but have loved it! The beginning was confusing because so much was happening and so many characters were introduced! After all the craziness of the beginning, which sets up the story, the characters fall in to place and we get to know them in depth and who's side they are on. It was evident from the beginning of this YA fantasy novel that God would be well represented!

We follow Ellis as he learns about himself, his past and his future. We see how the Lord, Jor'el, works in this fantasy world and how Satan is plotting and scheming. I think that youth, as well as adults will really enjoy this journey with Prince Ellis and his companions! The reader will see the Lord working in the lives of the characters, even when the characters don't realize it and maybe be able to apply that to their lives.

I can not wait to finish reading this novel! The ONLY reason I didn't finish was because we've been so busy with work and activities nearly every day the last 2 weeks! So it's not a reflection of the book. I will be keeping this book because my daughter and down the road, my boys will love going on this adventure!

About the Author:

Shawn Lamb, creator of ALLON, is surrounded by creative people. Her husband has enjoyed a lengthy career in animation. Remember He-Man and She-Ra and Fat Albert? Yep, that's him. Shawn's daughter is a brilliant imaginator, too. She created the drawing you see here of Ellis and Shannan, two characters from ALLON, and is an aspiring director.

Visit the really cool ALLON site: There you will find an interactive map of ALLON, the Lamb Family link, and even read an Excerpt!!
I'd like to thank Glass Road PR for my review copy!


Shawn Lamb said...

Thank you for participating in the blog tour and keep reading! The confusion you speak about is something I tried to avoid by giving a character list to my publisher for inclusion. Unfortunately, with the page count constraint, the choice came down to the character list or the map. I chose the map. A character list can be found on the website. It is something I will insist upon for future stories.
Again, thank you.

Liz Mays said...

I'm reading a YA fantasy right now too and I'm enjoying it so much! It surprised me. I'll bet I would like this one too. It sounds good!

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