Friday, April 2, 2010

Feel Good Friday: Beginning of April

If you'd like to participate in the Feel Good Friday, head to The Girl Next Door Grows Up and learn how you can share about your week! The following is my Feel Good Friday...

Today being April 2nd is a fantastic day, even if it’s only today to celebrate my 2nd daughter’s 17th birthday! Happy Birthday SMOOCHIE! So crazy that my girls are in their late teens. It goes by so fast!


My boys and I went to visit my oldest daughter at college. They had never been to her dorm before. We got to meet a group of her friends and they were AWESOME! They were so nice to us. The battery is dead on my camera so I can’t download our campus visit. =<( I’ll do it for a Wordless Wednesday.


It’s Spring Break for my boys. They were able to spend time with friends they haven’t gotten to hang out with for a while and it was good! I think we’ll go to the movies today so that I get to do something fun with them during Spring Break.


Today is Good Friday. We’re getting ready to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. What could be more amazing and exciting than that? Ok, I know the Easter bunny is NOT what Easter is about, but I’m using old computer and it has no up-to-date photos or clip art so you get my son hugging the Easter bunny from a few years ago during our trip to Chicago.


Buddy received a guitar from his Uncle. It’s a belated Christmas present that we’ve been working on. Trying to find just the right guitar for a price that’s reasonable and appropriate for a 10 yr old isn’t the easiest thing in the world.


Have a blessed Easter!


Rebecca said...

ooh guitar, always wanted to learn how to play. Looks like a fun week.

Liz Mays said...

This is such a blessed weekend! I hope you enjoy your Spring break with the kids!

Tammy G. said...

I enjoy your blog. Have a blessed Easter! And here's an award for you at :)

Anonymous said...

You mean you didn't move to the college where your daughter is? I swear I am going to. Or she can live at home.

When she was little and she picked her nose, I told my husband to stop telling her not to so she would never get married! HA! I did say that, but I was kidding.

She is 10 and I am not ready to think about cutting her cord ;-)


I love your FGF post! I hope you had a lovely Easter!!

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