Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lactose Intolerant? What the Heck?

Ok, so we are milk drinkers. And when I say “milk drinkers” I mean buy me a cow so I can attach a straw. That’s how all of us are. Sure, my boys would prefer pop, but give them time.

My girls and I could easily go thru a gallon of milk in a day. We have a crazy addiction to milk. Always have.

So, my oldest, Baby, is away at college for her 2nd year. For the past couple of months she’s had…belly issues. She hasn’t been feeling well. Finally went to the campus doctor and he thought she might have irritable bowl syndrome (IBS). She’s been on some medication to see if it has an effect.

Then I thought she might be dealing with a lactose intolerance or have allergies to gluten. Those are two things I can’t possibly imagine living without!IMG_4602

We love our Skim Milk…yes SKIM

I was shopping for her yesterday, wanting to send her a little care package for finals. Guess what she can’t have:

Milk Chocolate
Cheese String
Zucchini Bread (butter in mix)

And those are just things off the top of my head that I couldn’t get her!! She tried Silk as a milk alternative, but it wasn’t going over well. I know there’s Lactaid and some form of medicine that is supposed to help the system be able to digest milk better.

Well, she has been dairy free for about 4 days and is feeling better! I’m am so thrilled to hear she’s feeling better, but you don’t understand the bitter disappointment that she could be lactose intolerant.

Our love of milk…think of the one thing you absolutely adore to either eat or drink and you will understand our passion for milk. If we had a keg, it’d be filled with milk!

Do you have any food allergies? How do you deal with it? Going Organic is extremely expensive, but what choice does she have? How do you supplement when it comes to baking alternatives?

Do you have any recipes I could share with my girl? Thanks so much!


Linda said...

I drink Lactaid milk or store brands. Need to make sure to get enough calcium and vitamin D, though. There are books out there for gluten issues.

Jen - LifeWithLevi said...

Levi has a milk sensitivity, which means I had to change my diet.

I use water instead of milk in recipes (where it only calls for a small amount, I just avoid things like cream sauces). I also use non-dairy creamer to add flavor to a few things. There are lots of flavors, so at least I have some options. Cheese-less pizza is one of my favs, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that would be so difficult!

Are you sure that is what it is? Maybe it is just a coincidence?

We (knock on wood) do not have any allergies, we are lucky.

Jan Fries said...

My sister was lactose intolerant, grew out of it (mostly) Reuben was also sensitive. My sis and Reuben both drank goat's milk successfully. Then later Reuben could tolerate powdered milk. Now he is a VEGAN!!! and drinks almond milk, rather than rice milk. I like it, especially on cereal or in coffee. The various pills DO work, also for many people. And of course there is lactose-free ice cream. You can make fat-free pudding using water or rice milk, cut back on liquid a bit. If she is also gluten intolerant, that makes things a little trickier. But I have also just substituted water for milk in many recipes with success. OH, and of course, many people sensitive to milk can handle yogurt successfully. Trial and error after she gets stabilized without milk for a while will give you the answers. DFILY!

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