Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 52: Week 6

project52button2-300x275 Well, I’m happy to state that I had a week FULL of photo opps. I had my camera everywhere with me it seems. This could be the most full week I have all year! Let’s enjoy it while we can. Shall we?
Super Bowl Sunday:
IMG_5104 IMG_5105
               6th Grade Honor Roll                       2nd grade basketball (far left yellow)IMG_5132

Got my hair cut even though you can’t tell. I know it’s healthier. This photo makes me look like I have cheek implants. What the heck?
Sammy loves boxes just like every other cat.
The boys getting more Star Wars Legos. This time during a visit with their dad. Yes, this is ANOTHER Christmas we are celebrating! We’re done for the ‘10 season now!IMG_5175
Doodle didn’t feel well after that meeting and came home and fell asleep. Sammy wanted to snuggle.
Doodle wasn’t feeling well again today. This time Simba is keeping him warm. The next photo will have to be with Pearl. That is if she can get her fat butt up onto the couch!
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Mimi said...

I love seeing the picture of you, but you didn't have to put the words right over your face!

Hugs & love,

Unknown said...

Looks like it's been a busy week for you guys! Love that the cats wanted to snuggle...our puppy runs from the's so sad. Have a great week!

Fran said...

I left an award for you in my blog :)

Shauna said...

Im a new follower, check out my Tuesday Blog hop

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