Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project 52: Week 8

project52button2-300x275 This has been a rather uneventful week. My son’s basketball season ended on a high note last week with their last game being a WIN! Now it’s Saturday and I’m not sure how to spend the morning, other than enjoying sleeping in. Of course sleeping in means half my day is gone!

Without further ado, here’s my week in photos:

First of all, it snowed…a lot. It’s been snowing all morning today, too.

Project 52 Winter Project


Rugby & Simba just hanging out


I had an Energy Audit done on the house to see where we’re losing heat. Very interesting!


I don’t think we’ve ever had icicles on the house before.

IMG_5344If you get a chance, make sure you head over and check out other participants at Life As A CEO


Xenia said...

I am SO ready for winter to be over! We haven't had too much snow around here lately (I say that as it is coming down like crazy outside my window right now) but I just want to be done with the cold. My feet are calling out for flip flops again!! :)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Sometimes uneventful is good!

Charlene said...

Love the photos! You should SEE the icicles we have at my house this year. CRAZY!

Mimi said...

Uneventful can be calming!

Hugs &love,

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