Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bachelorette with Ashley

Ashley Wow, I totally forgot The Bachelorette was on tonight! Thankfully I only missed the first minutes of the episode.

Ashley was beautiful and has done a bit of a makeover with her hair. Her dress was gorgeous and as each limo pulled up to the house you could hear the guys inside happy with what they saw.

Of course throughout the show tonight we caught a glimpse of each of the men. I thought it was a pretty decent selection of guys. I was actually surprised at the unique ways the men made their introductions; some creepy and others sweet.

  • Constantine tied dental floss on her finger (she’s a dentist)
  • One creeper tried to kiss her and she dodged that bullet
  • Another guy spoke French to her
  • West brought her a compass that’s broken pointing towards…west (umhmm)

Thankfully, no one broke out in dance or song, but there was a poem and a kind of rap one other guy did. Then again, speaking of a song, one of the guys brought Ashley out by the pool guitar in hand. She was so excited to be serenaded to. As soon as they sat down he threw the guitar into the pool saying he doesn’t know how to play guitar! That was awesome and I was able to avoid my ranting at the tv because people just don’t learn from previous shows!

A couple of the guys I like right off the bat are:

  1. Ryan P ~ They seemed to get along well. He has a really cool business that he built from scratch.
  2. William ~ Adorable. His intro video cracked me up when his umbrella turned inside out.Ryan P




I think I need to watch the episode all over again. Don’t feel like I really got to know all the guys because of Jeff and Tim. That seems to be where all the focus was so I look forward to the upcoming shows so we can see how genuine and likable these guys really are.

Oh my gosh, this Tim guy was so sad. Totally got blitzed the first night. Now we typically see this with the ladies. When he explained he sells wine and spirits Ashley thinks he says “wine & spurs”. Needless to say, he was sent home to sleep it off and reap his “rewards” the next morning. I’m sure he was so nervous.

Then there’s the masked creeper, Jeff. Yes, he says it’s because he wants Ashley to get to know him on the inside first. Ooooook I mean, in theory it’s a great idea. Agreed that the heart is what matters, but this is The Bachelorette. Ashley won’t keep him around long if he sticks with this gimmick.

Lastly, there’s Bentley. Ashley was “warned” by another person from a Bachelor season saying he was there to promote his business. He’s heard making snarky comments and it’s obvious to those of us watching that he’s not there for her or for love. Listening to him at the end of the show had me wanting to reach through the tv and…well, do some mean stuff. And he has a little girl who’s going to see this when she’s older. Nice.

At the end of tonight’s episode when Ashley sends the men home, I’m surprised at how down these men are about leaving. The last guy to leave was almost, if not already, in tears. What in the world? They’d been there for what, a few hours? I’d love to go on the show, just to be not given a rose the first night, burst into tears, sobbing hysterically, and then sobering all of a sudden saying, “Just kidding, I could care less.”

Are you watching? If so, do you have any favorites off the bat? do you think you’ll be watching the entire show?


Super Single Mom and Her Side Kids said...

That guy Bentley seems like such a jerk! I was sad that she gave him a rose. Didnt he say something about not finding her attractive? And didnt she receive an email before the show warning her about him?
I am looking forward to the season!

Mimi said...

I wanted to watch it last night & my husband nixed it. I usually don't watch the Bachelor shows, but I'm feeling seriously deprived with Survivor & Biggest Loser at the end.

Missed you!

Hugs & love,

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