Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Going To Far ~ The Doctors

I’m not a big daytime tv watcher, but sitting here today I wanted to have something on in the background. I landed on The Doctors and there’s a lady on here talking about plastic surgery.

Her views, in my opinion, are so skewed. She is so staunch in position when it comes to her having surgery on herself and she's had over 100. She doesn’t see any issue in what she’s done. She keeps laughing in a way that’s condescending to the doctors and Jillian.The Doctor's are really concerned about her health and the mental and emotional health of the children.

What concerns me, and the panel, is that she’s subjecting her daughters to lives full of plastic surgery. She has a 7yo daughter who she and her husband gave a gift certificate to have plastic surgery when she’s 18 if she wants. The little girl's response, she's glad that she can have a boob job if she wants.

Sorry guys. I had to delete the video I had on here. It started automatically not giving me the option of auto start or viewer start. I would highly suggest visiting The Doctors site to view the video I was talking about.

To me, this mom, Sarah, is telling her daughter that she will want to change something down the road because she isn’t already perfect. So many of us as moms are trying to prepare our daughters to be confident in how they were created, that beauty isn’t about what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside, and to cancel out everything they see around them that says the opposite. Here this lady is reaffirming what media tells girls and women that you’re only beautiful if you’re fake or try being “perfect” on the outside.

Sarah kept saying that we can’t make our kids do anything these days. Basically that we have no power to control our kids. Well, she is clearly having a profound influence on her daughters. All you have to do is watch the spots on The Doctors.

Watching Dr. Travis Stork, during this spot, you can see that he is exasperated and befuddled. Jillian seems like she’d like to shake some sense into this woman. Well, watching this show, I’d have liked to get in line for that!

Watching this woman leaves me stunned. I am so thankful that my girls are beautiful naturally and have never considered having a procedure done. I felt it was my job as they were growing up to encourage them to be confident on the inside. Let me tell you, their beauty comes through to the outside. I cannot imagine suggesting to my girls that they might need any work done.
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What would you do if your daughter wanted plastic surgery for elective reasons?


Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Dr Phil has a show similar, I haven't seen it yet. But it sends a bad message to encourage that kind of behavior and thought process. If my daughter wanted something elective, I would discourage her and explain why. And then she's free to do what she wants when she's old enough and has the $$, I guess. Hopefully I've modeled good self-esteem.

Kristin Marriott said...

Uhh... I couldn't even watch the rest of that. I'm otherwise speechless. : (
(and lemme tell you, that doesn't happen often)

Unknown said...

This reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode. In it, a girl has come of age and it's time for her to choose which face & body model she wants for her adulthood. "Everybody does it." "It's the only way you'll be beautiful!" and "How else will you find a husband?" are the constant questions she is ask when she decides she doesn't want the transformation. It's a really good one!

Johane said...

I don't agree with what this woman is doing. If my child wanted plastic surgery I would talk it out with her over time. If her reasoning was sound and unwavering I might consider it. If it was frivolous no so much...

NerdMom said...

That woman was doing the same shtick on Dr. Phil and she is nuts! Boob job my tuckus!

Now don't jump on me but you asked if I would ever allow my daughter to have elective plastic surgery. Yes and no. It depends on what you mean on elective. I have a veinous abnormality but you can't see it. Think those people with the big purple veins that bulge out from their face. If my daughters had that on their face it wouldn't be medically necessary but I might allow it. Maybe...

Unknown said...

Mimi, I agree with you that this woman has gone too far. I personally feel she needs to be investigated by the child protection authorities. While I can understand AGE APPROPRIATE surgeries, and certain cosmetic surgeries...this woman actually gave her young child (what was she, 7?) a gift certificate for a boob job. COME ON!! Keep spreading the good word Mimi. Our daughters should be raised to believe in themselves and have pride in who they are, as GOD made them!

Babes Mami said...

I would have to heavily consider what it was she wanted done and why and probably have her go to a therapist to talk it out...that's just my opinion. I'm okay with botox and corrective but elective is a whole notha deal.

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