Tuesday, September 6, 2011

S’mores Create the Happiest Campers #Hersheys

logo This was supposed to be the week where the boys and I did some camping in our yard and making s’mores with Hershey’s chocolate before the school year started. As things tend to happen in our lives, they got a call from their dad that grandma & grandpa wanted them to visit with them through the weekend.

The phone call came Tuesday morning as I headed to work and the boys left just after we got home! Welcome to my world my friends!

While they were gone, I decided I’d set up the tent so that when they came home on Sunday we’d be able to camp that day!

With the boys being gone most of the week, I was able to hang out with some friends guilt free! I went over to LPs house and she had her mom and another friend over. We hung our at her fire pit and had some s’mores.IMG_8511

They were more than happy to dig into the Hershey’s, marshmallows and graham crackers! It’s so nice to have friends who support your blogging and want to help out!

Hershey's S'more Fixings Hershey's Candy Bar Hershey's Bar Hershey's S'more

See how helpful they are? Posing my chocolate and helping me get great shots! What would any girl do without her friends in real life?

Hershey's And LP was so proud of making sparks with her fire I thought I better get a photo of that in here, too!


The boys came home the next day and ran straight for the tent! It’s good to know I can do something to get the boys excited that ISN’T some sort of electronic device.

I let the boys decompress after being gone for 5 days and as soon as I thought they were ready (and I was hungry) we headed out to the fire pit. Just in time for us to head out, the neighbor girl called Doodle to see if he wanted to play and he invited her over.

As I was getting the fire going, I realized how chilly it was. I couldn’t believe how cold it got so quickly. A month ago, we were dying of humidity and heat. Now it’s so cold I have a jacket on while starting a fire. Getting the fire started was no problem. I had to run back in to get the supplies! Why is it I’m not always prepared?Hershey's S'mores Ingredients

When I came back out the kids were ready for their s’mores. Did I mention we hadn’t had dinner yet so we were all pretty hungry? The neighbor girl came over with an appetite, too! I wasn’t sure I’d have enough Hershey’s since we’d used a few bars the night before!Burnt Marshamallow Marshmallow Burning

When it comes to s’mores, Doodle like to experiment with his marshmallows. He tried them ultra black, on fire, light brown, only cooked on one side, etc. He likes to get creative…and then have us eat what he’s created. These are the times when it’s hard to be a “good” parent! *wink*

Thankfully, Buddy came out and he tends to like his marshmallows the way I do, light brown. He’s not a big s’more eater, but he likes to eat a couple.

IMG_8506 Hershey's Bar IMG_8496

As our bellies got full, Buddy headed back into the house, Doodle and Neighbor Girl went to play in the tent and I sat by the fire and did some reading. Come on now, what’s wrong with Hershey’s S’mores for dinner?

The plan was for us to sleep in the tent before their last day of summer vacation. Had it been earlier last week, as in when the boys were gone, it would’ve been fantastic. Unfortunately it was getting really cold and I’m a wimp.

Doodle and Neighbor Girl played for a while in the tent and then headed home. Doodle then asked me if I wanted to come into the tent with him. I figured I may as well while we’re out there anyhow.IMG_8512

As it got darker I tried to read by flashlight and Doodle had my phone (so much for electronics) and was playing one of my apps. It finally got too cold and we headed in for the rest of the evening.

We had managed to polish off all of the Hershey’s chocolate bars so I didn’t have much other than trash to clean up after our cookout. Thank goodness!

Hershey’s Facebook contest details:

This summer, the Hershey Company is encouraging families to create their own S’mores memories with the Say S’mores campaign. Starting June 16, families are invited to capture and share their favorite S’mores moments on the Hershey’s brand Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/hersheys for a chance to win S’mores-themed prizes.  The grand-prize is a Canon Rebel Camera, slate marble outdoor firebowl, $250 SnapFish gift card, roasting skewers set and all of the ingredients needed to make S’mores, including Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars. Families who visit the Hershey’s brand Facebook page on or after June 15 can download the Say S’mores application to participate in monthly photo contests and receive a $1 coupon good toward the purchase of any two Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar 6-packs.

*I was compensated for this post by TheMotherhood.com. The opinions expressed are my own and never influenced by the company.


Liz Mays said...

Love how he added more chocolate into that one! I can only eat one of those because they're so rich, but man they're good!

Alison Golden - PaleoNonPaleo said...

Aww, very cute. Bananas stuffed with chocolate and then wrapped in foil, left in the embers to warm (and chocolate melt) are yummy. I loved seeing pics of your boys enjoying them. Cute boys!

The Budget Diet said...

You're making me HUNGRY! I just wrote an article on Frugal Family Fun Nights, and I suggested a backyard campout including s'mores with marshmallows roasted on the gas grill! http://www.TheBudgetDiet.com/frugal-family-fun-10-ideas-for-a-family-fun-night

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