Saturday, September 24, 2011

Participating in Boy Scouts of America

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When my oldest son was old enough, he joined the Boy Scouts of AmericaAdvertisement. Right away he loved it and jumped in feet first. We're in a small town and that meant he knew most of the kids and adults in his Den and Pack. I had been a Girl Scout leader for 5 years with my girls. This was meant to be dad and son time. Well as things turned out, I was the one going to meetings with him.

We would go once a week and the boys would learn so many great things! The leaders were so encouraging and for my son he needed some strong male influence in his life. Sometimes I'd drop him off so he could soak in the strength of the men who were involved.

This was definitely something that I really appreciated. The dads would bring their kids and stay for the meeting. Sometimes I think they enjoyed the activities and learning more than the boys! I was thankful that they taught the boys about respecting the flag of the United States and to be proud to be a Boy Scout!

I also love that Cub Scouts teaches the boys involved to dig deeper into their beliefs and values. What kind of character do they want to have? What kind of man do they want to become? And at the same time, they get the families involved and strengthen those bonds as well.

Have you been to a Boy Scout meeting before? They start out with the Pledge of Allegiance. Then the leader would go thru each boy's book to see what activities had been finished over the past week. From there they'd do an activity or learn something new. These kids never had a dull moment and never were bored.

Some of the best parts of Scouting were the camping trips (which I never went on, but Buddy did), end of the year crossover, and Pinewood Derby Races. All these the dads were all so excited about.

I wish Buddy was still in Boy Scouts. As a single mom I just couldn't do all the activities that we had scheduled in our lives. Right now he would really benefit from the new STEM curriculum. STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. He loves most of those, aside from science, and I think he would've soared in this section. Today's world is so competitive and this would've given him a definite edge!

Maybe this mom should look into getting her son back in. My Doodle has talked about being in Scouts for the last 2 years and brings it up randomly at times when I least expect it. After attending meeting with his brother and going to all the family activities, he really feels like he's been missing out. Another reason to take a second look at our schedule! I guess I should ask the boys again if they want to Be A Scout!

Are your boys involved in Boy Scouts? What do they love about it? Advertisement

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karenmed409 said...

Our oldest grandson that I am raising, completed his Eagle Rank last year.. He is currently earning his 4 palm and was elected to the Order of Arrow this past summer. Scouting to him is a chance to learn new skills, make new friends, and give something back to his community. If your son as an interest.. give it try and see how he likes it. Our troop is pretty active, we camp an average of 2-3 times month including the winter months. I camp out on most of the campouts and a teach several merit badges. I have a blast when we go to summer camp with the other camp moms.

Liz Mays said...

My son did it until he got the arrow of light. Then I let him quit. It's a great program with so many wonderful lessons and skills.

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